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Her Mother Continues To Believe Her Sister’s Blatant Lies, So She Told Her She’ll Never Forgive Her Playing Favorites

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@FormerFruit

Family drama alert, my friends! And this one is a doozy

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AITA for telling my mother I will never forgive her for how she believed my sister’s lies over me a few years ago?

“I bought a computer for study a few months ago.

Their sister sounds like a real gem…

About 2 years ago my sister spilled tea all over it, she never apologised, never admitted it, never offered to pay for a new one.

I am convinced my mother doesn’t believe me what happened that night and that is why she has never said anything to her about it.

For the record I am 28 and she is 33. I am still upset about it today but whatever.

I bought a new one a few months ago and have resulted in becoming possessive over it. I’m scared it will be broken again and I don’t let people touch it.

Her sister was at it again…

The other day I got up for two minutes, sister came back from a walk, I usually put the thing away when she is around.

I got up for two minutes and by the time I got back she had thrown her rubbish on it to spite me. Ice cream wrapping just to spite me.

I was crying and screaming in frustration begging her to stay away from it.

Mum told us to shut up calling us animals. I turned on her and told her to shut up.

I’m trying to protect my property and I’m not spending more money.

And then she let loose.

I told her she sat back and did nothing while the computer was being broken the last time and how she believed my sisters lies over me, which I’ll never forgive her for.

I know I probably overreacted, I just got so upset.


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Whew… this family needs some serious therapy.

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