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Her Mother-In-Law Was Rude to Her Daughter, So She Made Sure She Wouldn’t Take Part in Her Daughter’s Birthday Party

by Matthew Gilligan

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I can’t imagine making a kid feel this way

But you and I both know that there are a lot of awful people out there!

And the lady you’re about to meet in this story sounds like one of them…

Check out how this woman dealt with her mother-in-law who was WAY out of bounds.

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Monster- in- Law excludes my oldest so I exclude her.

“I (25 F) married my husband James (29 M) two years ago. I have a daughter (11 F) Lillie (yes I had a kid at 14 I don’t regret having her just the timing of it all) and I also have two twin girls ( 8 months).

Her life turned around.

Lillie’s father was never present in her life so when James came around, I was honestly surprised the father role he took and how much Lillie loved him, I knew after a year I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

But there was a problem…

Around the time we were planning for the wedding, my MIL kept make remarks about Lillie not being James’ child but we brushed it off until my MIL flat out told us she wouldn’t be financing the wedding if Lillie wasn’t a guest.

MIL also said because she wasn’t his she’d never support Lillie.We had no problems with MIL not paying for the wedding, we were just both taken aback she’d ever say anything like this.

I obviously objected to that bewildering statement, and so did James. MIL tried to plead with James and when he wouldn’t budge MIL stormed out of our house.

This lady is a psycho!

Lillie was our flower girl and on the day of the wedding MIL, tried to stop Lillie three times (once by even blocking the path to the altar), but was easily stopped each time by other guests and the groomsmen. Besides that our wedding went off without hitch and I wouldn’t have preferred it any other way.

The wedding was magical beside the beast.

After having my twins MIL withdrew from Lillie entirely, Lillie not understanding why was obviously upset.

Well over the weekend Lillie celebrated her 11th birthday and per her request she wanted everyone to give a speech at her birthday.

Everyone but MIL was included.

She just doesn’t know when to give it a rest.

MIL was mad about not being front and center always so when everyone was done giving their speeches I turned around to see MIL and she was MAD she later pulled me and James aside and asked why she wasn’t included. I asked her what happened to never supporting Lillie.

After the party James asked why MIL wasn’t included, I told him after the wedding fiasco and not giving Lillie equal amount of time as she did the twins she wasn’t to be included in that portion of the party.

James agrees with me but MIL is still upset about the ordeal.”

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What kind of person does this?

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