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Her Neighbor’s Kids Show Up Uninvited To Daughter’s Birthday, So She Politely Walked Them Home. When They Returned With Their Entitled Parents, She Had To Put Her Foot Down.

by Ryan McCarthy

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It’s a tough lesson to learn in life, but you’re not gonna be invited to every party. And while you can test your luck and just show up, you might have to eat that rejection at the door!

Whether it’s an exclusive club where “you have to know someone” or a high school party thrown by a classmate you don’t particularly know that well, sometimes you’re just not getting in.

But that’s usually a lesson reserved for your later years, not when you’re under the age of ten!

Nonetheless, this user had no choice but to kick out her neighbor’s kids who came uninvited to her daughter’s birthday, and even kicked out their parents when they came back with their kids!

Was she too cruel on them? Decide for yourself!

AITA for not inviting the neighbors to our daughter’s bday party and then awkwardly kicking them out?

Hi. Yesterday was my daughter’s 8th birthday and we did a princess themed party. The only people invited were family or family friends.

My relationship with my neighbors is meh.

We wave if we see them but otherwise we don’t talk to each other or anything really.

And despite that “meh” relationship, the neighbor felt compelled to attend the birthday festivities!

During my daughter’s birthday party, held in our yard that is semi-fenced, I started to bring out the cupcakes for the kids.

When handing them out I noticed that 2 kids were definitely not invited because they weren’t my nieces/nephews or of a family friend.

I then realized they were my neighbors kids. I paused handing out cupcakes to ask why they were here and one of the kids just shrugged and said “my mommy said I could go”.

But apparently this party had a pretty tight guest list, because these kids were soon unceremoniously removed from the function!

I told them it was inappropriate to just come here. My husband escorted them back to their parents house.

All the neighbors houses are decently spaced so it’s not necessarily dangerous but we felt better if someone walked with the kids.

The neighbors weren’t finished though, and returned AGAIN to interrupt the party.

Later on, I think after we did the whole cake cutting, our neighbors approached again.

This time it was both parents and the kids. I asked what they were doing and they looked confused, saying they were joining the party.

OP stood her ground, and once again told them to hit the road…

I was a little agitated now and sternly said they were not invited, that this was a birthday party for my daughter and family/family friends were invited.

It was awkward as they left and the kids kept whining as they did.

Next day, today, I got a handwritten letter in my mailbox about how I treated the neighbors rudely and it’s expected to share community events. Was I too rude/harsh?

If your kids got brought back to your house for showing up uninvited, what would make you think the smart move would be to show up, this time with your whole family, uninvited?

Reddit was 100% on OP’s side, saying no one is owed an invitation, and just showing up doesn’t mean you get to be part of the party, no matter how old you are!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user advised not to worry about the letter either, saying they were the ones that crossed a line, not OP.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But a select few thought OP should have at least gave them a cupcake, considering they were young kids.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But they were in the minority, with many responding that OP was very polite in her interaction, she just wasn’t being a pushover.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said that they highly doubted the neighbors would want the rest of the neighborhood at their parties if the roles were reversed.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I just imagine a big burly bouncer with a clipboard telling two eight year olds “Sorry dude, you’re not on the list.”

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