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Her Rude Teenage Son Mercilessly Insulted Her, So She Refuses To Accept His Apology

by Matthew Gilligan

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They can be rude, crude, ignorant, and downright nasty.

So what’s a parent to do when things go too far?

Try to smooth it over and accept an apology, or tell their kid to stuff it?

This mom has had enough of her son’s attitude and now she wants to know if shes handling things the right way.

Check out what happened and see what you think.

AITA for not accepting my son’s [16M] apology after a particularly nasty fight?

“My [40F] ex-husband, “Greg” and I split up 15 years ago, when our son, “Troy” was barely a year old.

Gregs & his parents actively loathe me and my husband of 13 years, Michael. They have told Michael during custody exchanges that it would be “best if you left, nobody likes you, and you’ll never be Troy’s real dad.”

These people are huge jerks.

They’ve made comments about my appearance, my job, my profession, etc- all in front of Troy.

It came to a head in 2021 when Troy said that during every Sunday supper they have with Greg’s parents (which is every other Sunday) his mom, Susan, would turn it into the I **** Taco Hour.

With everyone at the table, Susan would start in on what a fat cow I am, how I’m a stupid *****, a horrible mother, etc. Troy & Greg participated in this, laughed at her cruel jokes, and did nothing to stop it. I have made it a point to never speak ill of Greg or his family to Troy.

Last night at dinner, Troy said that he’s been having issues with a classmate. He didn’t tell me because he hoped by ignoring it, it would go away. After much back and forth I told him to talk to someone at school, or I would.

Her son finally snapped.


I responded…poorly, in hindsight. I told him, “Your dad not doing anything when his kid is being bullied is not what a good parent does! Ignoring this will not work. And don’t you ever say I don’t love you ever again. I went hungry so you could eat, whereas YOU sat there and made jokes calling your own mother a “fat *****”. I know you **** me, it’s obvious.”

I got up and left for a walk. I know I responded really badly, but I have had it with being his punching bag. Troy is a good kid, but he’s got a mean streak to him, and I am his target.

I collect vintage owl figures, and any time he sees a new one, he makes a snide remark. (I don’t have a ton, but if I see one at a thrift store I like, I’ll pick it up. The owls are in my office, where nobody but me sees them.)

Troy does not want for anything, mind you. My favorite color is emerald green, and so my bedroom is decorated in lots of emerald green & velvet.

He made yet another snotty remark. If I forget something, he’ll reply with, “And to think, you graduated the top of your class. Must’ve cheated or something.”

Her son tried to apologize.

When I came home, Troy wanted to talk. He told me that he and his friends show affection by giving them ****, and that’s all he knows.

He apologized for “flipping my ****” and said he loves me.

I told him, “I don’t accept your apology. You are very cruel on purpose, and if you loved me, you wouldn’t spend hours with Susan calling me a stupid, fat *****, week after week. That isn’t love, that is pure hatred. Now go get ready for bed.”

Troy walked off, and this morning hasn’t said a word to me. I’m wondering if I took things too far, and maybe I owe him a massive apology.”

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This kid needs a serious attitude adjustment!

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