April 1, 2024 at 11:28 am

Her Sister Falsely Accused Her Husband Of Cheating On Her, So When He Made A Rude Comment About Her, She Doesn’t Know Whose Side To Take

by Trisha Leigh

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Everyone can agree that there’s nothing more awkward than your spouse and your family not getting along.

Especially when your spouse has a darn good reason for pulling away.

OP’s sister accused her husband of something horrible.

My husband used to get along with my family until my sister falsely accused him of cheating on me.

He understandably doesn’t like her anymore but he’s usually civil towards her.

So, when the opportunity presented itself, he said something horrible in return.

My sister recently announced her engagement and while everybody congratulated her my husband turned to her fiancé and said “good luck, you’ll need it marrying her”.

I was shocked he would say something like that, especially in front of my parents, but I never said anything as I didn’t want to fight with him in front of everybody.

My sister kept giving me a look like she expected me to say something and when I didn’t she yelled at him herself.

I made us leave because I could see us being there wasn’t helping the situation.

Now, her sister thinks OP should be firmly on her side.

My sister has been texting me about what happened, mostly to take digs at my husband. She gets angry every time I ask her to stop and thinks I’m siding with him when he was in the wrong.

Things have gotten worse after I told her I wouldn’t be going wedding dress shopping with her as she’s blaming my husband for that too.

And her husband pretty much laughs that idea out the window.

She sent him some messages directly and he fanned the flames by saying he wouldn’t let me go and she would be lucky if we even attended the wedding.

I’ve spoken to my husband and asked him to stop making things worse.

He has agreed to stop responding to her but she wants me to make him apologise and to agree to visit when she wants to go wedding dress shopping to prove I’m not siding with him which I can’t do.


Does Reddit think OP needs to take a side? Let’s find out!

The top comment says OP does actually need to take a side.

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This person thinks whose side is pretty clear.

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Most people think the husband is acting like most people would.

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Maybe the husband was just calling a spade a spade.

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And this commenter wasn’t pulling any punches.

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Wow, this one was a doozy.

I have a feeling things aren’t going to get easier for OP anytime soon.

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