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Her Sister-In-Law Wants A Head’s Up Before She Visits Them, But She Says It’s Her Condo So She Doesn’t Have To

by Trisha Leigh

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There are some people who would say that common courtesy is one of the things that makes the world go ’round.

I’m some people.

This woman is not, apparently.

She inherited some money as a young woman and used it to buy a condo to live in while she attended University.

My siblings and I inherited money from our grandfather when he passed away.

Our dad was the administrator and he was not super strict and let us have access to it for practical things.

I convinced my dad to let me have some if it early to buy a condo.

It was a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath and the price was amazing and very close to the university.

After I bought it my 2 best friends moved in with me and paid rent and we lived there till we graduated grad school.

Afterward, she rented it out and let family stay; one of her brothers moved in permanently during the pandemic.

I ended up getting married and moved away. I have rented it on/off and family has lived there as well while attending university.

I have 3 full siblings and 2 blew through the money in a few years and made very poor decisions.

When Covid happened my brother and SIL went through some very hard times.

They asked me if they could move into the condo until they could get back on their feet and save money.

She gave them a couple of rules and all has been good.

I agreed but told them my rules the master bedroom was mine and I could show up at anytime.

I did not want to get any emails from the HOA we were good.

Now, she’s gotten divorced and is spending more time at “home” as a result.

I am now getting divorced and share 50/50 custody with my ex.

I have the option of working remotely or going into the office. 1 week a month when my daughter is with her dad I have been flying back home and staying at the condo.

I have felt a strong desire to be with my friends and want to spend more time with family.

Here is where the issue is. I sometimes drop in last minute. On a whim I catch a direct flight back home and just show up.

This has started annoying my SIL.

She gets even more upset when I invite my friends over and we are drinking in the living room and acting like college kids again.

Her sister-in-law wants notice and also doesn’t want her friends there.

It came to a head last weekend where she confronted me about how inconsiderate I was.

She said it was rude not to give notice of when I was showing up and asked that I let her know a week in advance.

She also said that she did not want my friends hanging out more than once a week and needed to be gone by 11 pm.

She says no because she doesn’t have to.

Here is where I might be the a——.

At first I laughed and then I got mad.

I ripped into her and asked her who she thought she was.

I reminded her that I was the owner of the condo and she had absolutely no authority to be laying out rules especially when she was not paying for anything.

I told her if she ever came at me like that again I would toss her out and if my brother felt the same way he could leave with her.

My brother confronted me and told me that yes the place was mine and they were guests but as a courtesy could I give them some notice and having my friends over was also inconsiderate without notice.

I told him no and no and he called me an a——.

My friends and I are not loud.

SIL is very religious and is upset because we drink and have very adult conversations that offends her.

So reddit judge me AITA?

Does Reddit think this rigid divorcee should give a little? You know they’re let her know!

The top comment says they could both be on better behavior.

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This person agrees it’s common courtesy.

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After all, manners exist for a reason.

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Her SIL and brother don’t seem unreasonable.

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A little respect goes a long way.

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I tend to think this woman is just being annoying for no reason.

How hard is a head’s up text?

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