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His Boyfriend Won’t Stop Eating All His Food, So He Set Some Strict Snacking Rules At His Place. Now They’re Not Talking.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Some people can be so RUDE.

And this fella’s boyfriend sounds like he definitely fits into that category!

Who’s acting like a jerk in the situation?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for telling my boyfriend to stop eating so much?

“Some backstory.

During my [28M] undergrad years, my parents paid for my grocery bills because they really (rightfully so) believed that good food is important to a student’s health. (I know, my parents are awesome).

He was strict about his food budget.

They never set a monthly limit to how much I could spend, but I was really frugal and never went over a $200 limit I imposed on myself. Now I’m back in grad school for my masters degree, and my parents are covering again.

I know, I’m an adult with a few years of work under my belt now, but not having to worry about groceries lets me chip at rent and loans and other bills without losing sleep. I’m back on my extremely frugal way of eating and meal planning because still not gonna take advantage of my parents generosity.

But there’s one big problem…

My [27M] boyfriend, however, basically inhales all my food every time he’s over. Like eating all my snacks and legit every frozen meal, all the meat, one time he even ate the other half of a cheese I had already bit into(?!), etc, so he’s basically wolfing down my dinner and lunch.

It’s forced me to open my own wallet to accommodate him (because not gonna send my parents a suddenly huge grocery bill) and he’s seriously messing up my finances (I plan basically down to the dollar).

This is causing problems.

We got into arguments and his side is : basically that my parents are gonna cover anyway so I need to stop spending my own money and not worry so much. And when I go over to his house I eat his food too (but I don’t eat as much as he does?)

My arguments are: just because my parents are covering doesn’t mean he can eat anything he wants? He legit eats my whole fridge I’m not even joking. The only thing he leaves are the vegetables.

And he could eat less? When we go out he often has leftovers so why eat everything at my place?

There’s a new system in place…

I’ve banned him from cooking and using the raw ingredients at my place and I’m only giving him my small stash of snacks when he comes over and after the third time he’s not talking to me.

Honestly this is such a stupid fight but if I’m the ******* then I’ll apologize.”

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