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His Girlfriend Dumping Him Was A Total Shock, But She Got A Shock Of Her Own When Her Husband Found Out

by Trisha Leigh

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Look, dating is wild these days, y’all.

Like, I know that you never really know anyone, and that people will always surprise you (but not always in a good way), but this story is wild.

OP started dating a girl he really liked, and their relationship lasted almost 6 months.

Myself (m26) and my ex (f24) (lets call her M) had been dating for about 6 months. The first 5 months were great. We started off slow, seeing each other once or twice a week for the first month.

I realized I really liked this girl after our 4th date. She came back to my place that night and magic happened. After that, we started talking everyday and i basically had 0 desire to talk to any other women. I deleted my dating apps, cut contact with this other girl i had seen a couple times right before i met M and felt good that me and M had a good thing going.

(I include these details because its important to an incident that happens down the road.) For the next 5 months we went out every weekend spending almost every whole weekend together.

One night after a comedy show, she dumped him for no apparent reason.

So one night after a night out having food and seeing a comedy show, she’s just in an awful mood. There were about 6 comedians performing one after the other.

This first dude came up and had that whole bitches ain’t shit blah blah blah don’t ever settle act. It got laughs but not from me. After his set immediately, my girlfriend leaned over and asked what that was all about.

I just shrugged and said he thinks negatively of women, its a comedy show so take it with a grain of salt. She just said “i know” but then the whole rest of the show she couldn’t find anything funny.

Fast forward to the second to last guy who had a funny story about his cheating ex but no hatred in his voice. He seemed over it and did not bad mouth her at all (especially compared to the first guy).

M wanted to leave after this and i didn’t object because i could tell she was not enjoying herself.

The car ride home was absolute projecting at its finest. For 15 minutes i was hit with accusations of finding misogyny to be okay and that i’m probably cheating on her because “all men do it.”

While i was driving i literally unlocked my phone telling her to look through my texts. Wasn’t enough.

I dropped her off and she said were finished and that she had never seen “this side of me before”. I sat there shocked and at a loss for words.

She got out and didnt turn back, just walked in her house.

He was upset at first but got over it pretty quickly.

Not gonna lie… I cried on the drive home once i was out of her presence. It was that helpless feeling of thinking you did everything right but realizing its not gonna work.

A month passes by and i sort of am over it. I had reached out once being ignored and then the feelings dissipated gradually with no contact between us.

Hindsight really is a cruel master… why didn’t I see through the BS sooner?

Then he got a phone call from her husband.

Fast forward to a friday night where i’m just hanging with a couple buddies. I get a call from an unknown number. I ignore it.

5 minutes later a text: “Hey man i think you and I should talk. You know M, I saw her texts between you two and i think you’re gonna enjoy this.” I could feel this grin coming across my face as i realized what was happening. I knew before he told me.

I call him and he basically told me that she was playing both of us. Except this dude had a far worse end of the stick. Come to find out they’ve been married for 2 years and he was home in Brazil taking care of his sick mother for the last 6 months.

He reassured me he was not mad at me and that he knew i was a good guy. I just felt bad for the guy at this point.

He just wanted to share the petty revenge love.

Heres the best part: He then explains to me that this past weekend they drove (in his registered car) about 6 hours out of town for a concert and weekend getaway.

At the concert, her phone died and he went to “use the bathroom.” He slipped away drove back home in his car and packed all her shit up out of their house.

He then drove another 90 minutes to her parents house explaining the whole situation and dropped all her shit off there.

He blocked her number after she demand he pay for her flight home.

Lets just say her parents aren’t too proud of their daughters decisions and have reached out to her husband numerous times begging for his forgiveness.

What a guy to reach out to me and share his delicious shenanigans. Still friends.

I wonder what Reddit thinks of this story…

The top comment was thinking the story was going another way.

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Always be suspicious if someone starts randomly accusing you.

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Because they can definitely imagine it.

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See, dudes can rally to the cause, too.

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Honestly good for him.

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All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Of course, the journey isn’t always worth it.

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