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His Landlord Told Him He “Couldn’t Pay Cash” For A Two-Cent Bill. So He Set Out To Make Them Regret Their Petty Money Grab.

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

Everyone has a friend that is, let’s just say exact, about what you owe them.

They don’t ask for you to Venmo them 4 dollars, they want 4.17.

And when that type of attention to detail is found in a business, it just leaves a sour taste in customers’ mouth.

But when Tiktok user @jonmosslol got a bill for 2 cents that his old apartment complex refused to take cash for, he found a way to turn their own ridiculousness against them!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

This man starts by explaining he and his wife had recently moved out of their apartment, and thought they had settled all of their outstanding bills.

“And then about a month later, my wife says that we have another bill from the apartment complex.”

But there was something weird about the final bill Jonathan and his wife received: it was only for a grand total of two cents!

“Me and my wife work in IT, and we just laughed at the fact that we would have to spend 50 cents in postage to pay two cents in revenue.”

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

As ridiculous as it was, Jonathan put two pennies in an envelope and made a stop on his daily drive at his old apartment complex to pay the bill.

“I let her know that I need to pay my last bill, and I have the two cents if you want it.

The manager looks up at me and smiles and says ‘We don’t take cash.'”

And Jonathan says he was gobsmacked, left staring at this manager in a silent standoff over two pennies! He even thought it was a joke!

“Obviously this was a computer system error and both of us are gonna laugh it off. And she’s gonna write off the two cents. It’s gonna cost her a lot more to process the payment than to deal with it.”

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

But this woman didn’t exactly see things the same way saying she was not about to let Jonathan off the hook.

“So you want me to write you a check for two cents, mail you the check, then you’re going to process it? She looks up at me with a stone cold face and says ‘Yes’.”

So Jonathan decided that these people were about to PAY for their two cents, and set up a monthly payment to his old apartment complex for three cents.

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

Then Jonathan sent them a letter of his own. “Apologies, I overpaid my bill. Please send a check for the overpayment to my new apartment complex.”

But that wasn’t the end of his pettiness, signing up for a huge novelty postcard to send his devious letter of request!

Soon the apartment’s regional manager was calling his phone, begging him to reconsider.

“We made a mistake, please don’t do this. We will never contact you again. I then promptly stopped the mail, and never heard from them again!”

Good for Johnathan, way to turn their own absurd request against them! I’d say they were nickel and diming him, but that would be an exaggeration!

Check out his story for yourself!


Malicious compliance

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TikTok was in awe of his pettiness, with many users sharing their own ridiculous refund requests!

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

This woman reminded people that if they refuse cash, then technically the debt is paid.

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

This user said it wasn’t about the 2 cents, it was about the disrespect of his time and energy.

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

This user found a loophole for the minimum forgiveness of their own final bill.

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

Finally, this user had even Johnathan beat, after he got a request for 0 dollars and 0 cents!

Source: TikTok/@jonmosslol

Hope the two pennies were worth the trouble!

At least he got a good story out of it.

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