April 7, 2024 at 8:33 pm

His New Girlfriend And Her Three Kids Just Moved In, But When She Demands His Daughter Share Her Space… He Says No Way

by Trisha Leigh

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Dating is a minefield, especially when one or both parties have children coming (willingly or otherwise) along for the ride.

And while Reddit generally praises parents for putting their kids needs first, I’m not sure that this guy is going to get off that easy.

OP never wanted more kids but caught feelings before he knew his girlfriend had 3.

I have a daughter (14). I’m dating Laurel who has 3 kids (F16, M15, M11).

When we first started dating with me she didn’t tell me that she has 3 kids.

That would have been a deal breaker for me.

By the time I found out about her kids I already had feelings for her.

They didn’t break up, but he did set a pretty stringent boundary.

However I explained to her that I never had any intention of having more kids and that I won’t let our relationship affect my daughter’s life.

By that I mean even if we get married she will be responsible for her own kids and I’ll be responsible for mine because I can’t afford to treat 3 more kids the same as my daughter and she agreed.

Now that they’ve moved in, she wants him to break it.

Now that we moved in together (because of her financial issues, we had to otherwise she’d become homeless) our problems started.

I gave the guest room to her kids but she thinks I should let her daughter share with my daughter.

I said absolutely not.

My daughter hates sharing and I won’t force her.

He’s standing firm.

She thinks I’m an a—— and that I should at least give the smallest room to my daughter and let the others share her room which again I don’t want to.

It’s time for Reddit to tell him what they think about that!

The top comment says this situation isn’t good for anyone involved.

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This person is definitely not letting the mom off the hook.

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But this commenter says if kids are a dealbreaker, end of story.

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Everyone definitely feels sorry for the kids.

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Plenty of people are letting OP all the way off the hook.

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Y’all, this one is a doozy.

I wish those kids were in a better situation.

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