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His Wife Frequently Misses Family Dinner With Their Kids, So He’s Demanding That She Change Her Routine

by Matthew Gilligan

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In a lot of families, dinner time is supposed to be when everyone talks about their day and catches up with each other.

But it sounds like dinner in this household isn’t going too well these days…

And this guy has had enough!

Check out his story below and see if you think he was out of line.

AITA for wanting my wife to fix how she eats dinner?

“My wife works about an hour away from our home.

I work mostly remotely at home, so I’ve been the one to take care of our girls (6 and 8 respectively) for a few years now. I drive them to school and to practices, and I usually eat lunch with them.

There’s one hard-and-fast family rule.

We eat dinner at 7 as a family. This is non-negotiable, because the girls get home at 6 from after school activities, and we both agreed that they should sleep preferably at 9-10.

Dinner is usually a chance for us to sit and bond, and because my wife works from 9 to 4-5 during the weekday she usually barely sees them during the weekdays. (We spend a lot of time together on the weekend though).

Additionally, she isn’t vegan or anything, but she comes from a Buddhist family and prefers to reduce animal produce in her diet. Because of this, she comes home and usually takes a lot of time to make her dinner by herself.

Well, what’s the point…?

When she’s done making the food, either one or both of the girls are finished eating, or they’re almost finished eating and she has missed out on a lot of them talking about their day.

I’ve tried finding solutions, like cooking for her beforehand or cooking a vegetarian meal for the whole family, but she doesn’t like my cooking (even when I try to imitate her meals).

So far, I’ve been texting her what she wants to make and cleaning/prepping the food for her, but sometimes she changes her mind or she takes a while to cook anyway.

This doesn’t seem to be going very well…

I’ve tried talking to her about it, but she says, “What do you want me to do? Starve at the dinner table?” She says she wants to hear about their day too, but it’s just not feasible.

So I told her that for Tuesday and Thursday, I am going to make food for us as a family, and she will eat it with us. She told me that I’m an *******, because she works hard every day and she just wants to eat her own food, not be forced to eat mine.

I just think it’s important to spend time with family during the week.


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