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Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

by Ryan McCarthy

Amy Thumb Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

Everyone, at some point, has had a roommate they don’t quite see eye to eye with.

Whether its contrasting sleep schedules, arguments over chores, or mountains of dishes in the sink, we’ve all vented to our friends about having “the worst roommate ever.”

But after reading this user’s story, we didn’t even know the half of it!

After months of OP’s roommate stealing their food, leaving disgusting messes, and stealing expensive possessions OP decided to make her life absolutely miserable in every way!

Check it out!

Had the roommate from hell and couldn’t get rid of her so I made living with me as miserable as possible.

In 2008 I had just left my husband. I caught him cheating multiple times, and I was just over it.

A new girl (we will call her Amy) started at my job and we made a fast friendship. I was in the middle of packing up and moving out of my house.

I needed a roommate for a new apartment I was looking at because my wages weren’t going to pay the bills.

So we move in together and live peacefully together for a while.

But when OP found herself a man to spend the lonely nights with, her roommate was none too happy.

I was moving on with my life. I had gotten better paying job, was spending time with my friends, and I felt ok with life at the time.

At the time I was 25, single, and NOT looking for anything serious so I had a fwb who would stop over a few times a week. Amy was cool with it on the surface.

It did not affect her in any way. My friend didn’t hang out at our place. He didn’t eat at our place. He didn’t use our household supplies.

My relationship with him affected her exactly ZERO percent, but I guess she was a little green about the fact that I was getting some attention and she was not.

She would flirt with him, go visit him where he worked, etc, but he absolutely not interested in her. This is where things started to go downhill.

Perhaps OP’s man rubbed Amy the wrong way because her own was…. let’s just say less than ideal.

For context: She had been married a few times (she was 13 yrs older than me) and the dads had full custody of their respective kids.

She was dating someone but he was already in a relationship so he wasn’t about to commit to anything besides stopping by for 30 mins after he worked the night shift every day.

I tried to point out all the red flags, but she was convinced it was love. This dude used to hit on me constantly in front her.

He was very open about being in a committed relationship with his girlfriend so I have no idea why Amy thought this was going anywhere.

And when OP found herself in a serious relationship, a new roommate was added into the mix!

After a few months I met someone I wanted to be serious with so we started dating. We will call the guy Tom. Tom and I got serious pretty fast.

He was living in a horrible situation so he moved in with Amy and I pretty quickly. I think it was after about a month of dating.

So we have our room and she has her own room. The bills went from 50/50 to 33/33/34 to make sure things were still even. We had a shared kitchen,  living room, and bathroom.

Just like OP’s last man, Amy was all over him like white on rice.

After Tom moved in, she started openly hitting on him in front of me.

Every guy I had at my house (even just friends) she had to hit on. None of them ever took her up on it.

Every single one turned her down and I think this added greatly to her oncoming behavior.

Amy did not handle their constant rejection particularly well…

Over the next couple of weeks Amy did a complete 180. She stopped paying rent, refused to buy any food and would just eat whatever Tom and I bought, would not wash her dishes.

We had two cats – one hers and one mine, and she would never clean the litter in her room so her cat would use our hallway floor as a bathroom every. single. day.

Every day when I got home from work there was a big steaming pile of cat poop right inside my front door sitting in the middle of a giant puddle of urine.

My cat was locked in my room at night with her own supplies so there was zero chance it was her. It was the same thing every morning by the front door.

And the cat poop was just the beginning of her messiness!

Whenever she was done eating the food she stole from me, she would set her plate with the leftovers ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR for her cat to pick at.

She would leave the plate there for days. To the point that if I didn’t pick them up, there would be multiple plates on the floor with food in various stages of decay.

All of my dishes started going missing, except for the cat’s plates, of course. And what dishes were left, she refused to wash EVER.

She used my toilet paper, my laundry soap, EVEN MY TAMPONS.

Not to mention the disgusting trash she left for OP to clean.

This went on for about 2 months and it just kept getting progressively worse.

She would use panty liners every day and would change them multiple times a day and stuff them in the garbage can in the bathroom.

She would leave it there completely over flowing and spilling onto the floor for days until I caved and put on gloves and threw them out.

The can would be full in about a week so this happened a few times. that’s not even the worst of it.

But she took it to the next level when OP’s expensive camera suddenly “went missing.”

My expensive DSLR went missing. I was a photography hobbyist at the time, but it was my dream to be a professional photographer and own my own photography business.

One day I grabbed my camera bag from the SHARED living room and as soon as I picked it up, I felt my heart sink into my stomach.

You know that instant dread that grips you the second you realize something truly gut wrenching has happened… I open the bag and of course the camera is gone.

That was an expensive camera for that time of my life and it was a gift from my parents so I was truly devastated.

I couldn’t prove a thing and I wasn’t even sure how long it had been missing. It could have been her bf that took it, but either way it was gone.

With her prized camera gone, OP was done humoring Amy’s ridiculous antics.

So now this is it. This is the last straw. I need this idiot out. I went from nice girl to psycho in about 30 seconds. I’m not the violent type and I hate confrontation.

I’m NOT waiting for an eviction to go through and I really didn’t have the money for that anyway so here’s where I start my petty revenge.

Amy wants to live here with me rent free, stealing my stuff, hitting on my boyfriend, and neglecting her cat… so be it. But it’s going to be on my terms.

One vital piece of information: in my divorce, my ex moved back in with mommy and I took everything from the house, so I owned everything and the lease was in my name.

And so began a campaign of complete and utter roommate warfare.

I started by changing the wifi password and the computer password. The following week I had my cable company come and remove the cable lines to her room.

I bought a small fridge for my room and a cabinet and put all my food and personal supplies in my bedroom and put a secure lock on my door. I hid my pots and pans.

I locked up the soap and toilet paper. The cabinets were EMPTY. I paid for it all, and I would be the only one using it.

When her cat pooped on the floor, I would pick it up and smear it on her bedroom door knob.

Overflowing bathroom trash cans filled to the brim with her panty liners were dumped on her bed. I removed the knobs to the washer and the dryer.

And the cherry on top was Amy’s stolen laptop that OP helped the rightful owner get back.

A few months prior Amy and I had been working at the same store and she borrowed another coworkers laptop.

She ended up getting fired, but she never gave the laptop back and the coworker was really trying to get it back from her.

Amy ghosted her, of course, so while she was out one day, I went in and took the laptop and gave it back to its rightful owner.

Amy called the cops on me and said I stole her computer, but I explained what happened.

She admitted to the cops that the computer wasn’t hers and the cops said it wasn’t their problem anymore. That one really made her hate me.

And without the entertainment of the internet, OP said there was literally, not figuratively, nothing for Amy to do.

She wasn’t working at the time so its not like she had money to do anything or buy anything.

She was literally just existing in room in my apartment.

She would disappear during the day but I have no idea where she was going. She moved out after about 6 weeks.

But in true Amy fashion, when she left, she left OP and her boyfriend with a mountain of trash to handle.

When she moved out of my apartment, I didn’t even know she had left. I just noticed she wasn’t coming or going for about a week. so Tom and I cleaned out her room.

She left clothes, broken furniture, a cardboard dresser, and FIVE 39 gallon garbage bags of trash we collected from the piles of panty liners, rotting food, and ordinary trash in the room.

It’s a miracle we didn’t have roaches. I found all my missing dishes, silver ware, and cups all covered in food and grossness.

I just threw it all away. I wish I still had the photos though.

Oddly enough, about 6 months later, I opened my back door to take out the trash and my camera was in a bag hanging from my doorknob. I know Amy definitely didn’t return it.

And for OP’s last stroke of revenge, she sent pictures of the filth to every roommate that had the displeasure of living with Amy!

For about 2 years after, every time I would find out that Amy was living with someone new, I would message them and send them the photos of her room.

Papers in the trash that had HER NAME on them. And I would tell them the whole story.

One time it caused the people she was living with to throw her crap out on the porch. She had just moved in and they had small kids and they didn’t want to risk it with her.

I stopped after that. She knew it was me telling them too so I figured I had sufficiently made my point.

And I thought my college roommate who made music on his loudspeakers at 3 am was bad! Amy is like, the final boss of bad roommates!

Reddit was shocked that a roommate like Amy even existed, and many thought it was OP’s warning other roommates that got her her camera back!

Amy Comment 1 Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

Many wondered why it took her so long to lay down the law.

Amy Comment 2 Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

And this user said all things considered, messing with Amy could have gone a whole lot worse.

Amy Comment 3 Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

Many were amazed at the lengths she went to to stick it to Amy.

Amy Comment 4 Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

And finally, this user and many others said this story is a prime example of why they’re going to live alone!

Amy Comment 5.5 Horrible Roommate Flirts With Her Boyfriend, Steals Her Stuff And Leaves The Place A Mess, So She Gets Revenge And Makes Her Life Completely Miserable

If you live with an “Amy”, my heart goes out to you.

If you think you might be an “Amy”, get yourself together!

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