April 12, 2024 at 2:27 pm

Vision Impaired Customer Shares The Awkwardness Of Not Being Able To Navigate Touchscreens For Tips

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

For many people, it’s hard enough just getting by these days.

Tipping is often just another financial pressure a lot of us struggle to meet, even when we know how important it is.

But at least if you have full sight there won’t be this particular awkwardness when you’re tipping!

I don’t think most businesses consider that using tablets for tips can present a real accessibility issue for some.

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

@izzybayleaf, who has limited eyesight, told her followers on TikTok:

“One of the more ridiculous aspects of being a blind person, navigating in an accessible world (is) the fact I can’t use tablets… at a store or restaurant. Because I can’t see the screen and nothing is tactile.”

This is so bad. And what’s even worse is that companies aren’t even designing fully accessible ways for blind people or people with limited eyesight to pay and tip.

She explained how she has to get a store clerk to help her through the entire process.

That can make a difficult situation into an awkward one at times.

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

And this awkward situation arises “when there is a page prompting me to tip,” she explained.

She is referring to being in a store when she’s paying for her goods.

While she’s happy to tip at restaurants, hairdressers and to baristas, this is a scenario she doesn’t feel is fair.

“You have to deliberately read that out to me, so I can make a decision on if I want to tip or not,” she said.

She went on to say that when it’s read out, it really “translates” the ridiculousness of this situation.

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

“You have to deliberately read (the tip request) out to me, so I can make a decision on whether or not I want to tip,” she said… “It’s just such an uncomfortable moment for everyone involved.”

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This guy wants wonders if they could just not ask.

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

People agree it seems extremely awkward.

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

It’s making everyone cringe.

Source: TikTok/@izzybayleaf

Why aren’t all payment methods accessible for people of limited vision?!

It’s definitely a question that needs to be answered, and soon.

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