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Husband Has Chronic Pain, But Pregnant Wife Keeps Asking Him For Favors. So He Finally Blows His Top And Tells Her To Stop Acting Like A Child.

by Chris Allen

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When you get pregnant as an expecting new set of parents everything changes.

It becomes “game time” real fast.

That’s both an exciting, wonderful, great thing – and it’s also one to really spur you to get your ducks in a row.

Maybe having a plan for the next 9 months’ day-to-day responsibilities might help.

Well that was too much to think about for this couple in this story.

AITA for telling my pregnant wife to stop acting like a child?

I (35m) and my wife (33f) are currently expecting our first child in December.

I live in chronic pain due to a slew of health issues, I also work a job where I’m on my feet constantly.

I can’t get a new job right now due to personal reasons, but I plan to as soon as possible.

This seems like the first red flag of many.

Even though it was their plan.

My wife quit her job right after we found out we were expecting (we always planned this).

The problem is, she’s gotten really lazy. I understand pregnancy is hard, but it’s gotten to the point she won’t even make food or clean the house sometimes.

She’s been whining and complaining constantly since the moment she took the test.

She sounds like a child. I’m hungry. I’m sore. My head hurts. I’m sick.

I understood these things are normal during pregnancy so as much as it annoyed me, I bit my tongue.

He continues explaining the home life.

The second I’d get home every night, she’d want me to do something for her.

She expected me to cook and clean as soon as I got home every night.

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened a couple days ago.

Then the moment happened that made him write the post.

I had just gotten home from a 10 hour shift, and was having a flair up. I just wanted to have a bath and relax because I was in so much pain.

I told her I’ve had a terrible day and to just doordash something.

I rarely let her do this because those fees are f*****g ridiculous so I thought it’d be a treat. But she said that she can only eat home-cooked meals and that everything else makes her sick.

This is where I might be the AH.

I yelled at her and told her I’ve had the worst day and she needs to stop complaining and be an adult for once.

She started crying.

I immediately apologized over and over again, but she left anyway.

Then he started hearing it from all sides.

A couple hours later my MIL called me and called me a misogynistic c*** and a slew of other names.

I hung up because I don’t need that.

Now the beans are spilled and all the women in our family are mad at me and my wife still won’t f*****g speak to me.

So am I the AH?

I mean…at least partly I’d think! Others thought so too!

This woman had chronic pain and was pregnant!

A commentor’s last line is spot on.

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Another person conjured up that magic word: COMMUNICATE!

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Another person with the rare NTA vote thought this part was extremely poorly-planned.

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One commenter saw right through the childishness.

And straight back to the moment where it all became a team.

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This probably won’t end well.

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