April 24, 2024 at 6:26 pm

Maintenance Workers Sealed A Woman’s Cat Behind An Apartment Wall. She Had To Cut A Hole In The Drywall To Get It Out.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

This starts out sad, but it has a happy ending, so don’t bail out on us just yet!

Cat owner Jay posted a video on TikTok, detailing what happened to her poor cat, Taytay, when she was having some work done in her apartment by a maintenance crew.

Taytay was sealed up behind a wall by workers in Jay’s apartment.

She had to cut a hole had to be cut in the wall to let the kitty out.

“That awkward moment when your complex’s ‘maintenance’ team patches your cat INTO THE ****** WALL!!”

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

The video shows Jay calling for her cat and Taytay finally pokes her head through the hole in the wall, which she had to make a little bit bigger to get him out.

“I’m sorry I’m trying to get him to move I don’t want to stab him. It doesn’t look like that it looks like they plastered the whole back of the wall…I can’t, it’s like they put I don’t know what they did.”

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

Everything turned out to be okay, as Taytay was able to wriggle out of the hole.

The cat seemed to be fine, despite the traumatic events.

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

Let’s take a look at the video.


I really can not believe the maintenance team patched my cat into the freaking wall!! Soon as i walked into my apartment i heard him meowing & scratching at the wall 🥺 I feel sooo bad he was probably so scared #fyp #fypシ #catsoftiktok #cat #kitten #ihateithere #catlover

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Here’s what people had to say.

One person thinks these workers knew what they were doing…

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

Another TikTokker has an idea…

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

And one person thinks the poor cat needs to see a vet.

Source: TikTok/@myworld.wejustliveinit

Everyone is glad the cat is ok.

I really hope they didn’t do it on purpose.

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