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Man Gets Revenge On Cheating Wife After He Caught Her In The Act. He Kept The Kid And She Got The Car… Until It Got Repo’d.

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

The messy nature of infidelity and divorce is a seismic turn of events in life.

Ones you try to avoid at all costs.

Not only for you, but any kids you might have as well.

But how often does a cavalier cheater really get their comeuppance?

It seems like such a thin opening to really get that petty payback.

This story is one of those chances to really stick it to that someone who wronged their family in a massive way.

I got the kid permanently you get the car. Temporarily.

I’ll make it short.

GF gets pregnant. Do the ‘right’ thing and stick by her. We have the kid.

She starts going out all the time and we’d occasionally get calls at the house by guys looking for her. I knew she was cheating but didn’t really care. I was just there to make sure the kid was well taken care of.

Get a new job out of state and hoping that being there away from her bar friends will make us closer.


She finds a new boyfriend quick. Tries to hide it but she sucks at lying and hiding things.

Again.. no care from me.

By now my kid and I are very bonded and even at 18 months it’s obvious he doesn’t much care for her either.

Sounds like a tumultuous life.

Then he came home to find the worst situation imaginable.

Came home from a trip. Can’t find my kid.

Walk into my bedroom and there she and her boyfriend are having a nice little romp.

Now this was in the days before cell phones and we lived on the third floor so there was no escaping the bedroom without coming through the living room so I just said ‘when you two are done I’ll be in the living room’ and walked out.

Three hours and a lot of whispering later they emerge.

Walk the guy to the parking lot and explain to him I’m not mad at him but be decent and don’t f*** in my house anymore and stay out of my beer.

Go back upstairs tell her to go get my son. Next day I get a new apartment and move out in 3 hours while she was at boyfriends house and took the kid.

He naturally started the divorce proceedings.

And explained what those early days were like.

Day after I filed for divorce and got full custody which I won full after two years of legal wrangling. Granted child support was jack s*** but it paid for beer for the next 18 years.

I supported my kid. I never raised it on her because I’m a decent guy but it was fun rubbing it in her face when she got out of line that I spent it on frivolous stuff for myself and bought him all of his clothes, toys, food, etc, out of my own pocket.

It always made her fume for a few days. (in hindsight I should have put it into a savings account for him but we all make mistakes in life)

Then he details what happened with the car.

And where this revenge plot began.

Now I had purchased her a Toyota Accord before we moved that we shared but in the divorce she wanted the car which I gladly gave her. Then I moved back to my state, in with my parents, and started life over.

A few months go by and I start getting calls at work from the credit company demanding payment that was overdue. I explained numerous times that the vehicle was legally hers now and I would not be paying.

But then the light bulb flicked on.

Most of these guys were a-holes but one day a very low key guy called and said ‘look we’re just trying to work something out because we can’t locate her’.

‘Oh well why didn’t you say so. Here’s where she’s living. The plate number is XXXXXXX and I have it on good authority she is home right now (she didn’t have a job)’.

About three hours later my phone rings and it’s her and she is P****D asking me if I told them where the car was because they just repo’d and towed it.

And he had one more chance to twist that knife.

‘Yep’ I say with a smug grin ‘something you need to learn is if you don’t pay your bills you don’t get to keep your stuff. By the way my lawyer is paid off. How is yours doing?’


That was a great day.

Let’s see what folks had to say about this situation.

One person was in my same frame of mind, reading that heading multiple times.

But congratulations were still in order.

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Thank yeh cowboy.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Another commenter is sure they would not have handled that as smoothly.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

While one person recalled a very very similar story.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

How’d that work out then?

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