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Groom Pushes His Wedding Date After Finding Out His Son Is Very Sick, But When His Fiancé Finds Out She Is Absolutely Furious

by Ryan McCarthy

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A wedding can be one of the most special days in a person’s life.

And on that special day, you want all the people you care about most there to celebrate with you.

Many people often say how they wish their late relatives, like Grandparents or parents, were there to see them on that day, and how meaningful it would’ve been for them to attend.

But if you’re a parent, the number one people on your list are your kids!

So when this bride’s stepson was suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness, her soon-to-be husband changed the date of their wedding to make sure his son would be able to attend in good health.

The only problem? He didn’t talk to his fiancé before he did it, leading to a massive fight!

Was he in the wrong? See for yourself!

AITA for flipping out upon finding out that my Fiancé changed our wedding date?

I f31 am currently engaged to my fiance, Caleb m34. We’re planning on getting married soon.

But his 13yo son got diagnosed with a medical condition that will require months of treatment.

He’ll be receiving treatment next month.

Caleb and I chose and agreed on a wedding date.

I found out recently that he decided to change it. I was so confused especially when I heard it from one of his friends.

But when she asked Caleb about the date change, he had an answer she wasn’t expecting…

I asked him about it and he said it was true he wanted to change the wedding date and gave those reasons:

(a) Because he wants to focus on his son and his recovery and give him enough time to get his health back.

(b) He wants his son to be at the wedding looking healthy and happy.

(c) He doesn’t want his son exposed to large crowd while recovering so he thought the best decision was to put off plans for the wedding til months later.

Even with his reasons, this bride was less than thrilled about the date change.

I felt upset and couldn’t help but start arguing with him and objecting to this decision.

He argued that I’m being selfish and short sighted and that I clearly don’t care about his son like I say I do.

I told him he was being unfair and treating me as if I’m happy with these unfortunate circumstances although me and my family have been more than supportive.

He told me that if what I’m saying is true then I should be on board with this decision.

But OP said his unexpected change would force her to change all of the preparations they had already made for the wedding…

I thought that was illogical because now I’ll have to go look for other venue and make other arrangements because wedding reservations need strict timing and planning ahead of time.

He snapped and said that clearly, a wedding is more important for me than my stepson’s health.

I disagreed and explained that his son can still attend while he’s on treatment but he was having none of it.

And on top of that, she said she had a specific date in mind for the ceremony.

We had a fight and he went out. His family think he’s being reasonable and there’s no need to rush.

But I feel like my opinions and thoughts were stomped on and ignored because he knows I have a specific date in mind that is special to me.

If I agree to postpone then I won’t get the same date unless I wait another year.

AITA for my reaction, or did he present a valid argument?

Reddit had their jaws hanging open at this story, with many saying while he should have talked to her before he changed the date, she was brushing over the fact that his child was very sick!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And while some people sided with the bride….

Source: Reddit/AITA

Many more thought she was seriously downplaying her stepson’s illness!

Source: Reddit/AITA

With some people saying it was ridiculous OP’s fiancé even had to change the date in the first place, because OP should have offered!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user wondered what was even so bad about waiting a year to get married in the first place.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Sounds like these two might want to use that extra year before the wedding for a little couples counseling!

It definitely couldn’t hurt.

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