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Mother-In-Law Constantly Tries To Make Her Daughter-In-Law Jealous With Her Wealth, So She Turns The Tables And Doesn’t Invite Her On Vacation

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Ugliness is so much more rancid on the inside than it is on the outside.

It’s a cancer that eats away at you until who you were before is gone.

That kind of nastiness can even be contagious, but sometimes it can be beaten back.

Exactly like this story of a young couple getting some beautiful revenge on a horribly ugly mother-in-law.

MIL tried to make us jealous but ended up getting jealous herself

I was going to post this on JustNoMIL but feel like it fits better here.

MIL has always been bitter that “I took her son away from her”. She’s the queen of negging and I am often her number one target.

She loves to make me jealous- sends pictures of her new cars, sends pictures of her new house, sends pictures of her designer handbags etc saying “isn’t it great I can afford all this”.

The vacation texts and pictures this MIL sent.

Are you kidding me??

MIL didn’t invite us on vacation last summer. She invited and paid for her other son, his gf AND the gf’s sister to go. She bought them designer souvenirs and sent us pictures every day of their vacation captioned “I bet you’re so jealous”.

Time for karma to allow a little petty revenge into this couples’ lives.

Not 3 months after she excluded us from her vacation, my parents invited us on their vacation.

We accepted.

MIL was FURIOUS. Jealousy is not a good look on her. She threw a tantrum saying that she was losing her little boy and that she “wanted to be the best mom in the world”. She was so jealous that my mother is getting more attention than her.

Oh but it gets eeeeeven better.

She cried about how she never sees us and how we’ve always “shown blatant favouritism” towards my parents.

The best bit of all this – it was at this moment SO decided to tell her that we are moving 5 hours away…to my parent’s city.


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One person is utterly shocked at how far-gone that MIL is.

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While one person had a suggestion that really would last a lifetime.

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One person thought, “let’s go pettier”.

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One Redditor said, hold my beer, here’s the pettiest.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I hate you. Why aren’t you nice to me?!

This lady needs some therapy!

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