April 12, 2024 at 7:39 pm

Neighbors Couldn’t Keep Their Kid Quiet In The Middle Of The Night, So He Couldn’t Control His Music Volume Either

by Trisha Leigh

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Ah, neighbors. It’s hard to live with them, but most of the time and for a majority of us, living without them isn’t really an option, either.

OP’s neighbors had kids who were loud far into the night/early morning.

So I was living in an apartment, having a neighbor on right and one on top. Both neighbors had kids that made a lot of noise during day and night.

I didn’t really have a problem with noises at day, they were kids and it was understandable. but really, who runs and screams up to 3 am?

He asked for the middle of the night to be quiet, but they said kids will be kids etc etc.

So several times I wrote in the building whatsapp group that please keep your children quite at night as I and everyone else needs to sleep and wake up early.

I got no answers or if I did, it was their parents telling they are kids and they will try, but cannot promise anything.

When OP got a new sound bar he tried it out, not realizing the time.

Fast forward to my birthday. One of my friends gave me this amazing soundbar and when I got home I was too excited to hear some music from it.

It was like 12 am and I really wasn’t thinking about any revenge or something. Just wanted to try this new soundbar and didn’t notice it’s too late.

I played my rock playlist with a high volume and meanwhile on my PC trying to figure out it’s features.

He apologized when the neighbors came to ask him to turn it off – but their kids have been quiet ever since.

At around 2:30 am the same neighbor (top floor) came and knocked my door. It was then, before opening the door that I realized what time is it. I opened the door and saw it’s him trying to ask to keep it quite.

Before he starts speaking I told sorry I didn’t notice the time and turned it off. Didn’t mention his kids or anything. He appreciated and went.

From that day non of those two neighbors kids made any noise at night. Not a single day.

Like their parents had all control over the kids to keep them quite at night but didn’t feel necessary until they felt the other neighbors can also make midnight noises.

Only if I knew this earlier I would buy the soundbar way earlier

I bet Reddit is going to give this guy a virtual high-five!

The top comment says this way worked for them, too.

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This way would work, too.

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Suddenly they were quiet as church mice.

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Sometimes you have to play dirty.

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It’s like they think they live in their own world.

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It’s so annoying when they could do better but won’t.

Everyone is all about what affects us these days.

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