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Neighbor’s Dogs Go Crazy When She Lets Her Pups Into Her Own Backyard, So She Routinely Brings Hers Inside. But When They Insult Her, She Decides To Let Her Dogs Out Whenever She Wants.

by Ryan McCarthy

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Not all dogs are built the same when it comes to barking.

Some will bark every time the wind changes direction, at every visitor to the house, and at every unknown noise they come across.

Others are as quiet as a mouse, and it feels like the world would actually have to be ending before they would let out even the smallest woof!

Unfortunately for this user, her neighbors dogs were of the first type and their bad behavior meant she was reluctant to let her dogs out into her own backyard.

But when her ungrateful neighbor complained about her dogs, she decided she would let her dogs out as much as they want, and her neighbor’s dogs would just have to bark!

Check it out!

My neighbor cursed me for using my own yard. Well I’m going to use it even more.renderTimingPixel Neighbors Dogs Go Crazy When She Lets Her Pups Into Her Own Backyard, So She Routinely Brings Hers Inside. But When They Insult Her, She Decides To Let Her Dogs Out Whenever She Wants.

So, I have lived in a townhouse for the last three years. I live with my husband and two 60 pound dogs.

For a bit of background, I got attacked by a dog just before my neighbors moved in 2.5 years ago.

This left me with a fear of strange animals up until recently when I was able to work through my trauma with my therapist.

And this understandable had previously put OP at odds with her neighbors and their badly-behaved dogs.

My neighbors have 4 loud and reactive dogs (3 chihuahuas and 1 Australian shepherd) which charge the fence whenever they see someone on the other side and bark constantly.

This had prevented me from using my back yard for the last two summers.

Now that I have worked past the panic attacks and fear I am spending a majority of weekends in my yard and let my dogs go back and forth freely from the yard.

But OP said her good boys were not bothered one bit by the shenanigans going on next door.

My dogs have been well socialized and don’t have any interest in the fence when the other dogs are reacting.

Up until yesterday when the neighbors dogs come out I would bring my dogs inside but it would still mean a minute or so for their dogs to calm down.

I would let my dogs back outside to play when the neighbors go back in.

This was no big deal to me.

No big deal that is, until Sunday, where OP’s neighbor decided to push her luck.

Now cue Sunday. The neighbors let their dogs out, they react, I bring my dogs in. Same old routine.

Except my neighbor curses me under her breath “keep your f***ing door shut”. This is not the first time they have been rude either.

This gets under my skin considering her dogs reactivity is the reason I did not feel comfortable in my own back yard, and it is not my dogs who are reactive.

Plus I have always been the one to bring my dogs in, not the neighbor.

So OP was decidedly less courteous to her neighbors going forward, and let her dogs enjoy the yard as much they want.

So I’ve started to be a bit petty.

Now when the neighbor lets their dogs out, I stay out and play fetch with my dogs while her animals are going bananas, instead of bringing my dogs inside as I have always done.

My dogs love it because they are getting more exercise than before.

It’s only been three days and my neighbor is exasperated and has to chase her dogs around the garden.

Side note, they have another dog on the opposite side of them which they are equally reactive to, as well.

OP even bought outside furniture to enjoy her yard to its fullest extent.

I have patio furniture being delivered tomorrow and I fully expect to enjoy my yard to the fullest this summer.

After a week or two I’ll probably put up a visual blockade so her dogs can’t see mine to be nice.

But that being said, I’m not going to restrict my well trained animals for her untrained ones any longer. Don’t appreciate my courtesy, I won’t give it.

And after being driven crazy by their own dogs’ behavior, OP’s neighbor exploded on her.

Update: neighbors decided to cuss me out and tell me to go inside last night. I said no, but put the dogs inside because the neighbors were being aggressive.

They said our dogs should be able to be outside to, go inside. I said your dogs reactivity is not my problem and they are more then welcome to use your yard.

The fact they can’t stop charging the fence long enough to piss is your issue and stood in the middle of my yard. They shouted at me to “get the f*** inside”.

I told them “make me” (a bit childish I know) One told to ” meet them out front” I said” no, if you want something from me climb over this fence yourself”

They yelled a bit more and I didn’t respond and they went inside after a minute. I think the neighbors have finally cracked a bit and it’s only week 1.

Not proud and honestly don’t want to deal with this nonsense but I’m not going to bend to a bully.

So let me get this straight. They didn’t train their dogs at all, but its OP’s fault they’re barking because *checks notes* she wants to be outside on her own property?

Reddit was absolutely on her side, and told her not to spend any money because of someone’s else neglect of their dog’s training!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And some of Reddit’s more creative users suggested revenge that bordered on psychological warfare!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user agreed that based off her own experience, a vision blocker would do little to help the situation.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this commenter suggested OP do what they did, and take their training into her own hands!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, many people thought OP had a lot more patience for her neighbor than most of us would manage!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’m glad that OP and her dogs get to enjoy their yard now, and I hope she doesn’t let a neighbor’s bad attitude stop them!

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