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New Manager Told Them They Couldn’t Work Overtime Anymore, So When HR Finally Gets Involved They Get Their Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pixabay

Hey, whatever you say boss…

Sometimes, that’s all you can say when a manager tells you to do something that you know is gonna backfire on them, but hey, they make the rules!

Check out how this worker handled such a situation…

No overtime, no problem.

“Been working at this job for some years when I got a new manager.

A month or so into her working there, she came into my office and told me I wasn’t allowed to work overtime anymore and if I have any issues, we can discuss it.

The way she said it sounded like she was expecting this to really hurt me. I sent an email to confirm the conversation we had and her response basically said, “Correct, no more time theft!”


I didn’t really like that accusation. I usually stayed a little late by 30 minutes at most to finish up projects. A lot of projects come in last minute and other managers were thankful for my help.

So I quit staying to finish projects and wouldn’t start a new one if there wasn’t enough time. No real issues but some projects started falling through the cracks. I let the other managers know my manager told me no more overtime and I’m just following orders.

You know what’s coming next…

Fast forward barely a month later.

As I’m leaving for the day, she rushes to me asking if I can work on, you guessed it, a last minute project. It’s potentially worth millions!

I explained how I’ve got plans and I’m not about to be a thief.

Next day was too quiet.

In the afternoon, I get a request to have a meeting with my manager and HR.

Usually you get a written complaint beforehand so I’m still a little off guard. I could at least be a little prepared.

At the meeting, my manager reads off grievances like it’s an intervention.

She frames it like I have antisocial behavioral issues, insubordinate, and I don’t go the extra mile.

If you let her keep going, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was somehow to blame for the company not reaching it’s goals.

My turn!

When she finally finished (she had to have started writing that the night before and into the next day), I asked if it’s okay if I had my say.

I pointed out a lot was just her opinion and I’m overall well liked. I always do exactly what she says.

However, my manager likes to constantly move projects around while I’m working on them and I’m not allowed overtime. She denies ever saying this so I forward the email to HR.

My manager then starts backtracking she didn’t mean it permanently.

HR takes me off the call a bit. When they come back, it’s just HR and I start by saying I’m not signing anything.

They tell me let’s agree to disagree, this has been one big miscommunication, and they appreciate all the work I do.

I asked to confirm if this was going to be held against me in any way and they said no.

They went on to say if I can stay late sometimes, great but it’s also okay that I leave after my 8 hours.

My manager later quit in less than a year.”

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Showed her!

That’s the way to do it!

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