April 18, 2024 at 4:33 pm

Passenger Freaked Out During Flight Turbulence, So He Stepped In To Scold Her When She Refused To Calm Down

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’ve often wondered what I would do if a passenger on a plane got belligerent and disruptive…

Would I get involved?

Or just let the crew handle it?

Honestly, I’d probably be in such a deep sleep that I wouldn’t even notice…

But I digress!

Check out this guy’s story and see if you think he took things too far when he confronted an unruly passenger on a plane.

AITA for Telling a Doctor to Shut Up on a Turbulent Flight?

“I (30M) was on a flight from Atlanta to LAX last night.

Packed flight, everyone just trying to get some sleep. About two hours in, the lights come on and an announcement crackles through the intercom: turbulence ahead, fasten seatbelts. Pretty standard stuff.

Things got weird in a hurry.

Then, all hell breaks loose. This woman, maybe late 40s, impeccably dressed, starts freaking out. Screaming about air pockets, demanding to speak to the pilot, the whole nine yards.

Flight attendant (super patient lady, bless her) tries to calm her down, explains it’s standard procedure, turbulence is normal. Nope, not having it.

This lady, who we’ll name Jane, throws a fit. Not the screeching, nails-on-a-chalkboard kind, but a cold, steely fury. She accuses the flight attendant of lying, of putting everyone in danger, and demands to be deplaned immediately.

She wouldn’t let up.

Flight attendant says that’s not possible mid-flight, and Jane launches into this whole spiel about how she’s a doctor (pulls out an ID to prove it), and if something happens, it’s on the airline.

Now, the rest of the plane is awake. People are grumbling, some looking scared, a baby starts crying. Flight attendant is trying to reason with Jane, but it’s like talking to a brick wall.

He lost his cool.

Finally, I just lose it.I yell out (probably a little too loudly), “Look lady, we all get turbulence. It’s not a five-star resort, but it’s safe. Sit down and shut up before you get yourself arrested!”

Everyone stares at me.

Jane spins around, eyes blazing, and starts in on me about disrespecting a medical professional. I fire back that a real doctor wouldn’t be causing a scene and freaking everyone out.

Things went from bad to worse.

The flight attendant dives in, trying to mediate, but the damage is done.We hit some turbulence, not terrible, but enough to jostle the plane. Jane freaks again, and some people start getting panicky.

I feel awful, maybe I made things worse? The flight attendant gives me a look that could curdle milk, but then steers Jane away to talk to her privately.

By the time we land, things are calmer, but the tension is thick. Jane gives me a withering look as she disembarks, and a few people mutter thanks under their breath.


Did I just escalate a bad situation, or was I right to shut down a meltdown that was putting other passengers on edge? I’m honestly not sure.”

And here’s what folks had to say on Reddit.

One person thinks he acted like an *******.

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Another said he’s a “soft” *******.

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This person said he should’ve stayed out of it.

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And this person shared their thoughts.

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Harsh… but fair.

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