April 14, 2024 at 5:22 am

Passenger Said He’d Chip In For Gas Money, Then He Found Out His Friend’s Job Paid For All His Gas

by Chris Allen

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Ahhhhhh gas money. That random little expense every month that can hit you right in the: “OH COME ON” bone.

But what if your company PAID for your gas? AND that company gave you a company car!? Would you still charge a friend for GAS MONEY?

Of course you wouldn’t.

But this guy’s friend did.

AITA for refusing to pay gas money for a ride when the gas was free for my friend?

I went on a trip with some friends and caught a ride to the airport with one of them.

It was a two hour drive. I had of course agreed to pay my share of the gas for the drive.

Afterwards he told me that it was a company car and the gas was paid for by his employer – no matter how much he used. Nice perk.

He explains more how absurdly obviously nice this friend’s car setup was.

That’s the problem though. He incurred literally no costs driving there.

If I paid him gas money for gas paid for by his employer he would just be pocketing that cash.

He was taxed a set amount for the perk no matter how much he used the car so no tax expenses were increased either.

So now he’s been mulling it all over in his head.

I wasn’t told this before I agreed to pay gas money.

In my mind gas money is meant to help cover an expense, not to make profit off your friends.

On the other hand he did give me a two hour ride and I saved money from that. I had also agreed to pay my share of the gas.

He also fills us in on some more details that help paint out the picture a bit more.

Was I the AH?

I did end up buying him a bottle of wine as a thank you for the ride, I just refused to pay him cash (the price of the wine was less than the gas though).

I should also point out that we were all going on that trip so he was gonna drive the trip no matter if I was in the car or not.

Let’s check out some of the obvious Not the A—— responses here.

OoooOOoo someone called him a cheap@$$

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One person made a fantastic point.

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Another person wrote us a nifty lil’ script for how it should have gone.

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This, this right here.

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pAy FoR yOuR pOrTiOn oF tHe rIde, bRo.

People are really getting out of hand.

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