April 12, 2024 at 1:37 pm

People Admit What They’re Afraid Their Wives Would Find If They Snooped Through Their Things

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

It’s time for some REAL TALK, my friends.

And by that, I mean we’re gonna hear from folks about what they’re worried their wives might find if they decided to do some snooping…

So hang on tight and see what they had to say!

Keep that one quiet.

“My now-wife and I had been dating for 4 months when she invited me to join her at a family dinner for her dad’s birthday. Now, I had met her parents before, but none of her siblings.

When we got to the table, I immediately recognized her sister from a one-night stand I had the year before. We both just shook hands, said, ‘Nice to meet you.’

The first chance her sister and I had a moment alone to speak, we both agreed that it’s best we just not say thing about it.”

A real dummy.

“My missus thinks I’m smart.

I’d **** for her to find some of the simple things I google and reveal once and for all I’m not that smart.”

It adds up.

All the books I buy.

I’ve barely been able to finish a single book this year; I’ve been buying them purely as aspirational additions to my bookcase… I think one bag of books I just have hidden in the trunk of my car.

Pretty mild, like board games, but still. I don’t want to have to answer for all of them.”

A tough situation.

“Our true debt amount.

She went through cancer treatments and the last thing I want to do is cause stress by revealing how much we actually owe.”

Gonna be a banger!

“My documentation, receipts, communications, and research notes regarding the elaborate 30th birthday party I’ve been planning for her in secret.”

Uh oh…

“I don’t want her to know that i kept her nudes from when we started dating.

I think she’s super hot, but she doesn’t like her body.

She can’t understand that I think she’s 10/10.

She’s never told me to get rid of them, but I’m pretty sure she thinks they’re gone.”

On the right track now.

“A year ago… all my empty vodka bottles stashed throughout the house until trash day.

11 months sober and now the thing I’m worried she’ll find are empty McDonalds bags in my car.

She saw the worst of me already. So there’s not much left to hide after that.”

Making extra cash.

“That the three nights a week I say I’m going to hang out with friends is actually a second job that I took on because I don’t feel financially secure.”

She doesn’t know…yet.

“I have a box of poison ant traps in the closet.

I discreetly put a few out hidden on the porch every spring. She still thinks her vigorous mopping with some organic cleaner near the back door actually is keeping the ants out.

Meanwhile, the ant traps actually work.”

Needing a break.

“That I’m not as happy or stable as I make out.

I’m seen as “the rock” in my family. Always a shoulder to cry on or the one to help solve other peoples’ problems. A position i do not resent.

But if my GF or family knew that i’m barely hanging on myself it’d break their hearts. I put up a strong front. But i’m struggling internally.

I’m not depressed or thinking about self harm. Far from it. I’m stressed and absolute exhausted.”


“My wife would absolutely **** me if she saw my hidden photos.

All of her snoring.

I just think they’re really funny, but she’s very self-conscious.”

Good luck.

“My debt.

She quits her job 2 years ago due to mental health issue, and i reassured her that our financial is okay. It was, until it’s not anymore about a year ago.

Took a lot of personal loan and got rekt because of it, but I don’t want her to know and destroy whatever’s left of her sanity.

I know this will surface sooner or later, but I hope that it will be AFTER i settle all my debts, but at this moment i really don’t know if I will be ever free of debts.

Wish me luck.”

Keep all your things locked up, people!

Because you never know when someone will be snooping…

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