April 11, 2024 at 3:21 pm

People Share The Things They Think Shouldn’t Even Exist

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

Hmmmm, that’s a pretty tough question…

What do you think shouldn’t exist?

Like, at all…

The possibilities are endless!

And now it’s time to see what Reddit users had to say about this.

Let’s get started!


“Any mental deteriorative illness.

This made me think of Michael J Fox suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patients or the elderly with dementia.

I feel bad for them.”


“Paid parking at hospitals.

My husband was in a horrible accident, I had to follow him to the hospital. They only had valet parking, $4 an hour. I was there for 5 hours, it was 3 am, I didn’t have my purse.

They were not going to give me my truck said I needed to call someone to bring the money. I started screaming at them, I have no idea what I said, but they got my truck for me. Complete garbage. You shouldn’t have to pay at any health care facility to park.”


“School lunch debt for kids.

Yeah, I have stood in front of politicians and said I would gladly pay higher taxes if it went directly to getting kids fed, and please make that 3 meals a day.

Make it so the kids can focus on an education to get out of poverty as adults instead of being focused on a growling belly.”

Maybe someday…

“Salaries for politicians that are above the mean annual income of their constituents.

I get that it’s a hard job and everyone deserves to get paid for their work.

But an office with power like that should not ALSO come with a giant paycheck. That encourages lifelong politicians which, as we can see, doesn’t benefit the general population.

It’s a completely voluntary position and most politicians already come from money. They should be paid no more than what someone in their constituency would realistically take home to their own families.”


“Call center scammers.

The ones from Nigerian and India are the worst. They prey on innocent lonely people, mostly seniors, who aren’t tech savvy.

I find it quite satisfying to string them along for a while, waste their time, then tell them to **** off.”

Poor things.

“Dogs like chihuahuas, pitbulls, and others.

They are so genetically messed up their eyes pop out of their head and they can barely breathe.

Humanity is destroying them.

I feel immensely bad for them.”


“Single use vapes.

There’s enough pointless waste on our planet without creating a disposable version of something that started off as reusable.

Plus the people in my town that buy them seem to have no problem just throwing them on the ground when they’re finished.”

You heard it here.


I know it’s a natural way for a girl to get rid of an egg that wasn’t fertilized but GODS!

The pain so bad you can’t do anything, emotional swings …

Ugh. Whyyyyy?”

Big business.

“Companies like FedEx and TurboTax that lobby the government to keep the federal systems defunded and complex in order to continue running their business.

These companies should absolutely be taken down.”


“Squatters’ rights.

Only in America can you go on an extended vacation and find strangers broke into your home and refuse to leave and have more habitation rights than the homeowner.”

In moderation…


It tastes like **** and from what I hear it’s actually a significantly worse drug than cannabis, not even mentioning the amount of ***** driving.”

Nasty little things.


Okay, quick talk, what purpose do they serve, instead of annoying me the entire time?

What purpose do they serve in the animal kingdom? Sucking Blood?”

Pretty outrageous.


I think that any income above $999,999,999 should be taxed at 100% and used to benefit the greater good.”

I’m with them on mosquitoes. Let’s get rid of those, okay?