April 15, 2024 at 3:41 am

People Share What They Think Are the Scariest Things That Exist in the World

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

This is gonna be fun!


Because we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about what they think are the creepiest things that actually exist in the world.

Let’s see what they had to say…


“Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

Your brain basically loses its ability to experience joy and satisfaction because the dopamine receptors just shut down.

Robin Williams’ wife wrote quite the article after he passed away that was picked up by many scientific and medical journals.

Normally they don’t publish pieces like that but it was so profound in describing both his and her experience with the disorder that it gave a great deal of insight into the emotional affect it had.

It said about 60% of Robin’s dopamine receptors had shut down.”


“Prions and prion disorders.

Misfolded proteins that clump together with your normal, working proteins, disrupting your body’s ability to function. Big names include mad cow disease, kuru, chronic wasting disease, Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

All known prion diseases in mammals affect the structure of the brain or other neural tissue

All are progressive, have no known effective treatment, and are always fatal

Are resistant to denaturation by chemical and physical agents & cannot be destroyed by ordinary disinfection or cooking.”

Like a horror movie.

“Tumors with teeth.

They are called Teratomas.

They can have hairs, brain tissue and even eyeballs apparently and grow to an enormous size.”

The deep, dark sea.

“Have you ever been swimming and seen a tiger shark?!?!!

You are literally helpless. The shark decides if you get to live today or not.

Yes I know the attacks are rare and what not but when I was watching that big shark check me out I wasn’t thinking about the stats.”

I’m getting anxiety…

“Existence itself.

How the hell does something exist in nothing?

How could there have been nothing before the universe started?

How does anything even exist?

Gives me an upset stomach every time I think about it.”

Scary to think about.

“Nuclear weapons.

I’m 99% sure that I’ll never experience a nuclear war (mainly because nuclear war is an incredibly inefficient way to go to war in 2024).

But 1% of me knows that it only takes one person/group to decide they want to watch the world literally burn down.”

The world can be a terrible place.

“Right now, as you are reading these words, there is a person that is being held against their will inside a private residence.

This person is regularly abused and tortured. This person will either be found or released someday and be forever traumatized, or they will *** before getting out.

If they ***, there is a very good chance their body will be dumped and disposed of secretly, and any family they have will never know what happened to them.

What I’ve typed here is statistically certain to be happening somewhere. In all probability, there are multiple instances of this happening. And there’s pretty much nothing anyone can do.”

A big one.


I lost my only brother to it at age 27 (melanoma) My MIL **** from liver cancer. My wife’s best friend **** from cancer in her kidneys. Her other friend in the same town, now also has kidney cancer, but is fighting it.

There used to be an Alcoa factory there, so we suspect it may be related to that, as it’s a small town. My best friend told me in January that he has lung cancer.

What the hell is going on? I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there has to be a reason this is happening so much.”

In captivity.

“Years ago in college, I was watching a doc about American POWs during the Vietnam War.

One of the interviewees casually said something to the effect of: “Very quickly you learn that something as benign or inanimate as a desk suddenly becomes a weapon. Your head is slammed into the corners, your fingers repeatedly slammed in drawers…” that was the first time as an adult I understood the gravity of torture and it stuck with me ever since.

Add in some experiences since then of minor sleep depravation, dehydration or hunger and I further see how little it can take to make a human’s existence miserable.”

Deep dive.

“Ok, I haven’t investigated this, but it haunts me. I was dating a guy that loved to scuba dive. I don’t dive, but went along a couple times and hung out on the boat.

So one of his friends and I stay on the boat while 4 friends go diving. There’s rules, like don’t ever touch anyone’s dive gear, put the dive flag up, and there’s another diver down flag that floats on the water, attached to them by a line going underwater.

Up top, we’re eating snacks and chatting, but you ALWAYS keep your eyes on the floating flag and keep track of boat location, account for drift to stay close to your submerged divers. I mean, there’s no way to communicate through the water, you just wait out the dive time.

TWICE, on 2 different trips, another boat heads over to us, with OUR DIVERS catching a lift because they got disconnected from the dive flag and ended up in an entirely different location.

I was aghast at this. I asked a lot more questions and apparently, it’s commonly known that divers are LOST in the ocean. Like, as in, forever. They can get separated by any number of issues and say it’s afternoon, then evening, and that is it.

And they may not be **** yet, just drifting out there in the current, no land in sight anymore, very possibly alone, just waiting to ***.



“The most terrifying part of it all is that one day we will cease to exist and no one will ever remember us.

Even those that are famous on Earth are only famous here and typically for a short time. The top celebrities of even 50 years ago are unknown to most people living.

And even if everyone and everything was meticulously recorded or we manage to learn to transfer our consciousness to computers, the heat death of the universe will still get all of us in the end.

The universe will one day become a cold, motionless room – like an attic of treasures in an abandoned house. All that will be left is motionless objects suspended in space. And no one will think, breathe, love, despair, or experience a single thing for the rest of time eternal.”



In a 6 m half cabin, 2 kms off the coast, 12 m deep, fishing.

Humpback surfaces slowly, 3-4 m away, parallel.


Eyeball staring at us.

Both frozen…. Fear.

Hung around for a minute, then sank and disappeared.

Now, you think we’d be all, ‘look at that, amazing’ but noooooo. It’s frightening.

You realise the sheer mass of that creature, and that one flick could upend the boat. A tail slap could turn it into toothpicks.

Still. Glad I was there for it.”

Okay, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Thanks Reddit!

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