April 10, 2024 at 8:33 pm

People Talk About the Memberships They Think Are Worth Every Penny

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

I know how I’d answer this question!

Actually, I have TWO answers: I think my memberships to Amazon Prime and ESPN Plus are totally worth it.


What do you think?

Here’s what Reddit users had to say about this.

Under the sea.

“I’m a scuba diver. For $75/year I get extra insurance in case I have an accident while diving.

They pay for medical evacuation, they have a dive doctor speak to the ER doctor if they don’t know how to treat me, and they help coordinate getting me into a decompression chamber if I need it. My health insurance won’t cover any of that.

Plus I can call them anytime with medical scuba questions.”


“I live on an island in Alaska with limited healthcare.

An emergency flight to a more capable hospital will cost $50,000. For $100 a year I save $49,900 if I ever need their services. That $100 covers everyone living under my roof. There is no limit on the number of flights.

And seniors pay $75. Of course, the flight isn’t a guarantee. Bad weather or the donated jet needing repairs can, and does, prevent you from being flown out.”

Get smart!

“The Great Courses.

It’s now under the umbrella of Wondrium (and they have a bunch of other stuff, but I look for the GC stuff)

They have hundreds of courses. Each one has roughly 26-40 lectures. They’re the best professors in the world – the ones that students report as their favorite teachers.

My boyfriend and I always have four on Thursdays: a science, an art, a philosophy (or wild card) and a history.

We’ve done classes like: botany, the analects of Confucius, The Medici’s, the physics of time, early humans and the history of food.

I’ve got a good deal with them at $10/month all I can stream. Great for lifelong learners.”

Good to know.


At least where I live, they offer DMV services. License renewal without going to the DMV is priceless.

The best part is that, as a member, it doesn’t matter whose car is in trouble. I was visiting my cousin across the country and his battery went.

I called AAA and they sent someone to assist.”

Might as well…

“I have a subscription for air filters for the home (FilterEasy).

It’s one of those things you always forget to replace, then when you see them at the store, you forget what size you need.

With the subscription, the correct ones come in the mail, every 3 months, like clockwork.”


“A gym membership.

I usually lose my motivation to do exercise after some times but with a gym membership I have to go.

The more I go to the gym, the less expensive it is in term of the cost per day. At least it really motivates the heck out of me to go and keep my fitness is check.”

Get cookin’.

“Cook’s Illustrated website.

I pay for full access to the CI recipes and America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country.

Their recipes are outstanding and definitely better than 90% of the stuff you can find for free.”

Big fan.

“Costco for life!!!

The food court is irresistible, 99% of the stuff they sell are quality, priced good, and backed by their superb customer service, and they treat their employees better than most other retailers.

Additionally, at least according to my personal experience here in Canada, their pharmacy sells prescriptions for like 1/2 the price of the other places.”

Sounds great.

“The FitBod fitness app has been a game changer for me.

As someone who struggled with knowing what to do at the gym for years this has been a game changer.

Also I travel quite a bit for work and being able to adjust exercises to the equipment available is extremely important. It’s almost like having a personal trainer with you at all times. 100% worth the money.”

Film buff.

“AMC A List – I pay $26 a month for 3 movies a week.

At my preferred theatre tickets for that are already $22, so each movie I seen in a month after the first is essentially free.

Probably not worth it some months, but in the summer when I see 5-7 movies a month it’s fantastic.”

Who’s hungry?

“My wife has several restaurant memberships that she signed up for years ago.

She got into them during promotional periods that refunded the membership cost as introductory periods. She paid $25 initially, and they discounted that from the meal. When she signed up.

They never actually turned on the “charging” aspect, and she gets a lot of free meals given to her throughout the year.

They are mostly boutique restaurants, and she gets various perks like priority seating (no wait) and special attendance by management along with the meals being comped.”

Now you know!