April 20, 2024 at 11:29 pm

People Talk About Things That Folks Deny That Are Actually 100% True

by Matthew Gilligan

redditdeny People Talk About Things That Folks Deny That Are Actually 100% True

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Are things weird out there these days, or what?

Fake news, alternative facts, and downright lies seem to dominate our discourse and it’s NO GOOD.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about things that people deny that are actually TRUE.

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It’s true…

You can love someone else without loving yourself first.

There’s plenty of parents that don’t like themselves and love their kids.

Not recommending it but it’s a stupid thing to deny.”

Uh oh…

“You don’t know how to fight unless you’ve been trained or have experience in fighting.

Most people imagine themselves beating *** only to have reality smash them in the nose.

A lot of people even injure themselves just trying to throw punches.”

Hooked up.

“That lie detector tests are reliable.

If anyone’s reading this: don’t ever agree to take a polygraph examination if you’re suspected of involvement in a crime.

There’s a good chance it will produce a false negative/positive, and even though the results are not admissible in court in many places, it may bias the police, the press and your friends and family against you.

If police push you to submit to a polygraph examination, it’s because they use it as an interrogation tool.”

Back in the day…

“Being 35-50 wasn’t considered “elderly” back in the day.

It was common for people to live into their 70s and 80s.

The reason we get “average lifespan” data with such low numbers is because so many babies passed away, skewing the average values downward.”

Jaws ruined everything.

“Shark attacks are very rare.

Can we get a shoutout for cougars too?

They’ve ****** 27 people since 1868. You could almost call them harmless with those numbers.”

Public perception.

“Autism diagnoses.

Myself and lots of autistic people I know are often told by people who seem to base their entire knowledge of autism off the movie Rain Man are like “but you don’t seem autistic.”

Research on autism has changed a lot since the ’80s but public perception has changed very little.”


“The CIA trafficked drugs into the United States in the 1970s/1980s to fund Central American freedom fighters, stop communism, and protect the American way of life.

Once people realize the government was responsible for the drug epidemic that destroyed our inner cities for decades it’s not that hard to start questioning other decisions they have made.”

Not for everyone.

“That having children is not for everyone.

That it’s not all sunshine and the meaning of life and millions of people regret being parents.”

Bad idea.

“Skin cancer from not wearing sunblock.

It absolutely blows my mind when grown ass adults brag about not wearing sunscreen. Like it’s a real point of pride for them.

Enjoy your early wrinkles and spots.”

Oh, boy…

“Talked to a bunch of fanboys about this but, Taylor Swift was born rich and I mean mega rich with 9 figure money on both sides of her family.

All these people thought she came up from nothing.”


“The earth is not flat. We’ve been to the moon many times.

Lizard people don’t exist. Aliens don’t run the government.

Corporations do in fact run the government and we let them.”

Don’t do it.

“The dangers of texting and driving. I call my friends out all of the time for doing so and the response is always “its fine, I’m really good at multitasking!”

Well Sara if you’re that good at it why have we been sitting at this green light for 5 minutes.

Literally 90% of people I see driving have a device in hand.

It’s so selfish and reckless.”

A myth.

“Starting at the bottom and getting to the top barely ever happens.

Most people who reach the top of any industry started off with connections to the top or bought their way there using funds from some other industry they own, which is the more common theme these days.

“The people at the top” is an increasingly small number even though our population is way bigger than ever before.”


“There’s no conspiracy behind the Malaysian flight. There’s no conspiracy around 9/11.

These things literally just happen and the fact conspiracy theories exist is because people’s brains don’t like the idea you can be snuffed out just like that and not even realize it’s happening.”

Get with the program, people!

Good grief…

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