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Prestigious University Turned Him Down Because Of His Background, So He Got Revenge By Turning Down Their Job Offer In His Flip Flops.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

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Check out this story from Reddit and learn about what this guy did…because he held a grudge for a long time…

I wasn’t good enough for you back then, so now you’re not good enough for me!

“This is a story I just heard from my dad about some pro revenge my uncle did.

My family is from what I’d say is a middle-ish class background from the north of England.

Both my dad and uncle went to through comprehensive school education during 60’s & 70’s. My uncle, proved to have a talent in science through secondary school and so later applied for multiple universities around the country, including Oxford.

Now Oxford university is well known as one of top-notch elite universities and so quite well to do and posh. Snobby posh.

He didn’t make the cut.

Oxford university turned him down.

They considered comprehensive school education as not good enough. It wasn’t grammar or private school education.

And they were pretty explicit about it at the time.

Roll on to the 1990s. My uncle is now one of the foremost experts in his field and is a highly respected scientist.

At the time, he was working for a research establishment over in the USA.

Guess what happened next…

It’s now the 93 or 94 and he receives a letter from, wouldn’t you know, Oxford University!

This time instead of dismissing his comprehensive school education they are offering for him to come over for a job interview!

He accepts but points out he’s in America. So, the prestigious university offered to fly him over on Concord.

They roll out the red carpet to really butter him up.

This was gonna be good!

My dad picks him up from the airport and, to my dad’s horror, my uncle he’s in his best, “I’m relaxed” gear.

A shirt (that’s dirty), shorts and flip flops, rocking his usual scruffy beard. Really not job interview worthy at all.

My dad thought that because he’s going for this high-end Oxford University job interview, he’d at least put in his best suit.

After all the university was trying to poach him back to the UK. Not looking like he just walked off a beach in the Gulf of Mexico to grab a drink at the bar…

Let’s see what happened…

So, my dad drops my uncle off and waits in the car park.

One hour later, my uncle reappears, gets in the car and asks to be taken to the airport. My dad asks him how it goes, expecting to have been there longer in the car park waiting for him.

“They offered me the job, but I turned it down. I told them, that I wasn’t good enough for you when I was 18, they aren’t good enough for me now.”

The university was also paying for his Concord flight home again.

I honestly don’t know what would have been louder, the mic drop or the jaw drop.”

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This person was a big fan of their uncle.

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Another person wasn’t so sure…

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And this reader doesn’t think this qualifies as revenge.

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He showed them!

And he got a free trip out of it!

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