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Relative Billed Her For Babysitting When She Was In A Pinch And Her Job Was On The Line, So She Gave Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be compensated for your time, but it depends on the context. Also, when you treat family like they’re your clients, it’s going to come back and bite you.

That’s what happened here. Here’s how it went down.

Charged them the same family rate they charged me

My child’s daycare had a death in the family. It’s a small, family owned place, so this affected all the employees. They sent out an email at like 3am.

I couldn’t miss work, as I had a very important day, so I scrambled to find a sitter, just for that day.

My step brothers girlfriend was basically the only person I know that doesn’t work so I called her.

“Family rate”? That sounds like a discount you can get on a cruise. Yikes.

She says “sure, but I can only watch him for 6 hours, and I’ll give you my family rate so it will only be $200.”

I asked if she was serious.

She assured me she was, and that this was her livelihood and she takes it VERY seriously… that she was already offering me a FAMILY discount.

“Serious” indeed! I’m a freelancer and I’m taking notes on her hustle.

Please note that it was not her livelihood. My step brother has a great job and has always paid for everything. She refuses to work.

Please also note that I had done A LOT for this girl, just to help her out. The list is long.

I agreed, only because I would have lost my job had I not gone to work that day. I paid her $200, which she demanded up front, to get to work for a little over 4 hours after factoring commute.

She sounds like a winner. At least she got a taste of her own medicine.

Fast forward a couple of years… they have separated, they have a kid and she is living for free in his dads extra house, and driving my dads extra car for free. The ex pays all the bills and necessities. She finally breaks down and gets a job because he stopped paying for her hair, nails, etc.

She has a day when her child care falls through and sends out the same request I did. “Can anyone watch my kid? I HAVE to go to work or I’ll get fired.”

I told her I could absolutely do it! Then charged her the same bogus price she charged me. I told her it was the “family rate!”

She cussed me out.

Here’s what people had to say about it.

That’s what friends are for! You scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I see what you did there, commenter.
She wanted to play hardball and this would be REAL hardball.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I can see both sides of this argument, but I agree with this one: I think humanity should win.
I can’t imagine how stressful this must have been.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Some good points from this commenter. I am self-employed and I can tell you that word gets around when you’ve done something for free or cheap for someone. Vultures start to circle.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Hilarious. This could have been bigger a mic drop moment! Oh well.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Sometimes reciprocation is the best kind of payment.

Be careful who you cross!

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