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Rude Passenger Wouldn’t Give Them Space, So They Got His New Sneakers Dirty And Got Their Space Back

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

If you’ve been on any flights lately, I’m sure you’ve experienced this

A person sitting next to you, crowding you so much that it makes the flight a major pain in the ***.

So what’s a traveler to do?

Well, maybe take a page out of this person’s playbook!

Check out how they handled this situation.

I left a dirt stain on man’s white Nikes because he wouldn’t move his feet on a flight.

“I was flying home from a work trip on American Airlines.

Now on this flight a man sitting sat next to me.

He wasn’t super tall, about average in height. He needed to go to the bathroom so I got up let him out and got up again to let him in.

What’s going on here…?

As I sat back down my leg hit his. I look down to see his leg about halfway into my aisle leaving me with about 1/3 of the space I had.

I’m thinking he’s going to move, and he’s got plenty of space because he doesn’t have a bag under his seat, but he keeps it there.

I’m sitting side saddle in my seat at this point.

I look at him then at his leg then back at him. He blatantly stares at me then pulls out his phone and just starts playing on it.

He had it coming!

So what I do is lift my foot and place it over his foot setting the dirty sole of my converses on what looks like new white Nikes (fabric ones too not leather).

He immediately whips his head up at me and I following his example pulled out my tablet and started reading.

He pulls his foot away and had a nasty attitude the whole plane ride.

But I got my space back.”

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