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Rude Sister-In-Law Trashes Woman’s Friend Behind Her Back, So She Returns The Favor Right To Her Face

by Ryan McCarthy

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Let’s face it: there is nothing as cathartic as gossiping. Everyone needs to let a little steam off sometimes!

If everyone is feeling the same frustrations with one member of the group, or a coworker, or family member, getting together and spilling some tea is bound to make you feel better.

And while a group hate session can be the therapy the group dynamic is in desperate need of, there is another possible outcome: that you’ve been trashing someone the group actually likes.

Unfortunately for this user’s sister-in-law, that’s exactly what happened when she spent the whole night gossiping about the in-law the family actually liked much better than her!

Check out how she was put in her place!

AITA for insulting my brother’s fiancee the same way she insults others?

So, this drama revolves around my brother’s fiancee Sarah. Sarah is dramatic and gossipy. It always has to be something with her.

She is always talking about someone else in a negative light behind their backs, and I cannot stand it to tell you the truth.

However, I put it aside because she is my future SIL and I just want to keep the peace.

But when OP and her sisters had their monthly girls’ night together, Sarah wanted to tag along.

I and my sisters always have a girls’ night out once a month.

When my other brother married his wife, Angie, we started to invite her out with us as well because we all like her.

When Sarah learned about these nights she asked to join us once she was engaged and we agreed even though most of us don’t like her.

Sarah has never liked Angie which has always made the nights harder to deal with because Sarah will just ignore her. Angie is an angel and puts up with it though.

But when Angie unexpectedly couldn’t make it to girl’s night, Sarah took this as an opportunity to air her (many) grievances.

Last week, Angie was sick and missed the night. Sarah took it as an opportunity to trash-talk her all night.

Angie does not have a college degree, and only has her GED, and Sarah would not shut up about how much of a “moron” she was all night.

Sarah has her masters in biology and intelligence is one of her favorite things to insult people on. Well, after I got a bit drunk I had enough of it.

Angie is one of the sweetest people I have met and has never once said a bad thing about Sarah.

So OP decided to give back to Sarah what she had been dishing out all night!

After Sarah finished one of her insults about Angie being “The farthest from traditionally intelligent” I said:

“Is the reason you’re insulting Angie here like a coward because she’s traditionally Beautiful, and you’re the furthest from it?”

Sarah is about 300 lb, and by all regards quite ugly. This is a massive trigger point for her as well, and I know she has emotional issues surrounding her weight.

We got into a fight, and I ended up tearing her appearance apart point by point until she was visibly near tears.

In the end, I told her I’m only doing exactly what she does when she gossips about people. I only talked about her like she talks about others, just to her face unlike her.

And apart from ruining the night, OP’s tirade also created some serious drama between Sarah and her.

Well, now all hell has broken loose. Sarah is demanding an apology and I will not give it to her.

My sisters agree that what I said is directly in line with what Sarah says about others but disagree with me and said I should not have lowered myself to her level.

Last night I got a call from my brother and now Sarah is threatening to postpone their marriage if I don’t apologize.

In my opinion says more about her than anything I could have said. But, I actually feel bad now that I have had time to think about it.

To OP’s point, if you spend all your time dishing out insults, its not exactly a cute look to have such a thin skin. But going after the one thing Sarah is insecure about is a bit of a low blow.

Reddit said that while Angie definitely got what was coming to her, OP should have stopped her the second she started trashing Angie.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user wondered why having a degree with intelligence, as there are geniuses without degrees and morons with them!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person said they felt for OP with the forced hangout with Sarah now that she is part of the family

Source: Reddit/AITA

While this user did OP the courtesy of drafting an apology to Sarah.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said OP was only sticking up for her friend, and that her brother was in for a rude awakening!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Maybe make sure everyone is on the same page before you start tearing someone to shreds?

Or, you know… don’t be such a witch.

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