April 4, 2024 at 10:49 pm

Server Shares How She Can Tell When Somebody Is Not Going To Tip Her. – ‘Just so you know, gratuity isn’t included.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Servers rely on tips to subsidize their salaries and while tipping culture is getting outta hand, a server is definitely in need of tips!

But, are there any giveaways that someone just ain’t gonna tip a server? It appears, yes, there are!

Server @poorandhungry told her followers on TikTok that if someone’s busy paying her compliments, she knows they ain’t gonna tip. Ouch. Now that ain’t a compliment!

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

In a funny skit, she replays how this scenario goes. As herself, she states: “Hey, guys. How was everything today?”.

Then over to THAT customer who ain’t gonna tip! Who says… ‘Everything was absolutely amazing. The food was delicious. Your service was so good.’

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

But then the shocker, that isn’t the shocker after all for this switched on server!

She tells the mythical customer: “Just so you know, gratuity isn’t included.”

She did this after a customer wrote ‘Yelp’ on the gratuity line.

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

But the promised ‘unbelievable’ Yelp review doesn’t help a server pay their bills! Nope.

“We don’t get paid for anything that’s written about us on Yelp,” she said. Preach.

We gotta respect the servers by leaving tips, guys!

Watch the full clip here:


This was PRE INFLUENCER this was in like 2015 this lady just didnt tip server restaurant serverlife customerservice

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Customer ain’t always right!

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

This is mean!

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

They should get shown the door?

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Well, at least she knows!

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