April 3, 2024 at 10:36 pm

Server Shares The Jokes And Bits That Always Get Her A Generous Tip From Her Tables

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

In all of my years waiting tables, it was usually a toss up over whether or not a table would tip you well.

But there were little things you could do to help boost your take home, like ask if they would like upgrade to a more expensive alcohol, or asking if they want a particularly mouth-watering appetizer.

But the best chance you have to get your tables to warm up to you is to tell a joke or two! People are more likely to tip you if they feel like they’re your friend!

And TikTok user @professionalchitchatter is here to share the jokes and bits that she says will always guarantee you at least a 20% tip!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

Hailey is blessing us with her most successful server jokes, which she says are the secret to guaranteeing at least a 20% tip!

“Number one. Oh you need some more ranch? Let me go grab that for you quick!”

But Hailey says if you come back to your table praying before their meal, you have the opportunity to really make them laugh!

“Come back with their ranch as soon as they’re done praying. Boom! Set that on the table. ‘Your prayers have been answered!'”

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

Number two is Hailey’s go-to whenever she is waiting on a veteran. “You see an old man with a veteran’s hat.”

“Oh sir thank you for your service” But when they respond to you, say “And I promise, my service will be excellent today as well!”

Not knocking her hustle, but I don’t really know about this one. Seems like someone could get their nose bent out of joint about it pretty easily!

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

Number three is another one to use on your church-going tables. If you offer someone a drink but they decline and say they just came from church:

“Well Jesus drank wine! Bam 30%!” Again, in my experience serving, my religious customers weren’t exactly known for their sense of humor!

And Hailey saved the best for late, a classic that my Mom has used at every family dinner out that I can remember.

“I see that my table has completely cleared their plates. Oh my gosh, we must have hated it!”

Now I really can vouch for the effectiveness of that one. If a server used that line on my Mom before she could use it herself, she would eat it up!

Check out her video for yourself!


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TikTok was cackling at all of these bits, but many said some others might not find them as funny!

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

But many fellow servers took the opportunity to share their own classic lines!

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

While others thought that their Dad would absolutely love the corniness of these jokes.

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

Some bits weren’t as much funny as they were wholesome.

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

And finally, this person reminded everyone of the tried and true method of giving the bill to the kids.

Source: TikTok/@professionalchitchatter

My tip for any young servers, especially those who don’t know wine lists that well?

Just recommend the brand your Mom drinks!

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