April 25, 2024 at 12:51 am

She Asked A Woman To Stop Giving Out Her Old Phone Number, But When She Wouldn’t They Messed With Her In The Most Hilarious Ways

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit,Unsplash/@jennyueberberg

I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t just go along with the program and agree with a request like this person made, but you know how people can be…complete and total nightmares!

Check out what this person was driven to do after they couldn’t get a woman to go along with the program.

Your appt is now canceled.

“You really never realize something is gonna go on as long as it does, until you look back.

2 yrs ago, I was given a new phone number, when i purchased a cell phone.

This doesn’t sound good…

Immediately, I was bombarded by friends, family, and collection agents of the previous owner of the number (not the phone). They were all looking for the same woman, by name.

First couple of months, I answered that that person must have changed their number, that i just got this number with a new phone. No harm no foul.

But, it hasnt stopped. And I found out why; She is STILL giving out this number.


One day, she logged into her (name redacted) coffee app, and it sent THIS phone the sign up code. I bounced to it and logged in with the code. The account had her email address.

Finally! I can let her know whats going on and hopefully stop this ****.

I used that info to contact her. I told her, Im sure she didnt mean any harm, but its become ridiculous. Please stop giving out this number.

That didn’t go well…

She replied that I’m some kind of stalker freak. I replied that if she continues to give out MY number, I will cancel every appointment that comes across, and tell family she passed away, and tell creditors where to find her. She blocked my email. I figured, all is well if she stops. She didn’t.

Ok. BET!

This was gonna get ugly for this woman.

A month ago, her application for a school was cancled.

Today, her dental appointment for thursday was canceled.

Stop sending your **** to my number.

I plan to finally change this number when i get a personal issue resolved. But honestly, im low key enjoying this. And, shes still giving out the number so…”

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Way to go!

I’m impressed by your pettiness!

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