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She Didn’t Want Her Jerk Brother-In-Law Staying In Her House, So She Walked Around In Her Underwear And Now Her Husband Is Mad

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sayolo

Oh, boy…this sounds like a sticky situation

And you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about after you read the story this woman wrote on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page.

Check out what she had to say and see if you think she took things too far…

AITA for walking around the house in underwear so my husband would ask his brother to stay in a hotel?

“I used to be close with my brother-in-law but we aren’t anymore due to how he treated my best friend. I don’t dislike him or anything but I would prefer he wasn’t staying in my home.

She wasn’t on board with this…

When my husband told me he was coming to visit, I made it clear I didn’t want him staying here but my husband wouldn’t budge and said his visit would be shorter if he was here as they could work out what they were going to do about some family assets they were thinking about selling more quickly.

Seeing him in my home was irritating me, especially since he’s the type of person who loves making dumb sarcastic jokes constantly.

I tried asking my husband to ask him to go stay in a hotel 2 days into his visit but he again wouldn’t budge so I outright told my brother-in-law I didn’t want him here but that still wasn’t enough to make him leave.

She had an idea.

I finally decided to walk around the house in my underwear because I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist making a stupid comment and it would annoy my husband enough to make him ask his brother to stay in a hotel, which is exactly what happened.

After my husband told him to go, my brother-in-law accused me of thinking I was hot stuff who tried to lead my husband around by his **** and made a point to tell me it would backfire if I kept this up.

Her husband wasn’t happy about all of this.

My husband also asked me if I wasn’t going to continue the show during a fight as I stopped doing it once his brother left as my husband often has guests coming and going during the day which made walking around our home in my underwear awkward.

He was already upset with me but the fact that I stopped immediately after his brother left seems to have upset him even more.


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That guy sounds like a HUGE jerk.

Good grief!

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