April 10, 2024 at 4:27 pm

She Discovered Her Husband Was Messing Around With Her Best Friend, So She Made Sure Her Pal Got A Stinky Surprise In Her Car

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jonathanborba

What is someone supposed to do when they they find out their spouse is cheating on them?

What about if they find out their spouse is cheating with their best friend?


Yeah, that’s not good…

Check out how this woman handled such a situation…

I found out my husband and dearest friend were having an affair.

“My (ex)husband and I met when our best friends married each other. He was the best man, and I was the maid of honor.

After a couple of years we all lived in the same community and had our 4 children in the same time frame.

We hired my friend, let’s call her “Hobag,” to be our attorney for our business when we thought about selling franchises.

Late nights, huh?

Hobag and my ex, let’s call him “Dog,” spent lots of late nights working out the kinks in contracts….and more.

One July they had to go to NY for a week to “interview prospective franchisees.”

Her (ex)husband called me to say he’d hired a detective who followed them and saw them all lovey-dovey, and that they only had one hotel room.

This was gonna be gross.

Well, since it was July and sizzling, her front right minivan window was open about 2 inches.

I took it upon myself to purée a few raw shrimp with chicken broth and strain the solids out.

Then I fed a long tube down to her rear passenger carpet, and under the seat as best I could. I didn’t choose the front seat because it had removable mats.

I then slowly funneled about 1/2 cup of my potion down the tube.

That week it was over 90° every day.

It was ghastly. A triumph!

Her husband and I didn’t let on that we knew about their affair until we’d each had consultations with every good lawyer in our city, and had our financial ducks in a row.

Petty, effective revenge that I don’t regret.”

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I bet she had to sell the car…

That was some nice revenge!

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