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She Quit Her Job With A Baby On The Way Because She Thinks Hubby Will Provide For Them, But When He Pretends To Quit His Job She Quickly Realizes Her Mistake

by Ryan McCarthy

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An unexpected pregnancy can throw a wrench into any young couple’s plans.

Suddenly you’re not just providing for each other, but for an entirely new life, and one that needs a lot more time and effort than you might have readily available.

And on top of that, expenses for a new baby seem endless. From diapers, to doctor’s visits, to daycare the parents are sure to have their hands full.

That’s why when this user’s wife suddenly quit her job with an unexpected baby on the way, he decided to teach her a lesson by pretending to quit his job as well!

Was he in the wrong? Check it out!

AITA for making my wife go back to work by lying about quitting my job as well.

My wife didn’t like her job. I was telling her to look for a job while she was still in her current company.

She wanted to take a break from work but we cannot afford it right now due to our accidental conception. She’s 3 months pregnant.

So I made her a resume and applied her for a few interviews.

But OP’s wife was not particularly keen on finding a new job.

However, she didn’t attend any of them saying she doesn’t feel like it. She said she wants to be a SAHM.

I told her we weren’t even planning this pregnancy and now we cannot afford for her to become unemployed as well.

She didn’t listen and just quit her job without consulting with me.

I was super mad at her. I told her I don’t want to bust my ass while she relaxes at home. She cried and said that she doesn’t want to work anymore.

So OP decided to show her how it felt to have a partner just up and quit their job.

So I told her I’d be quitting my job as well and then we can both stay jobless and homeless with our child.

I pretended to quit the job in front of her by sending an angry mail to “my boss” but instead sent it to my friend.

She was shocked and asked me why I’d do such a thing. I told her tough luck and went to sleep.

The next morning onwards, she got ready for an interview and started attending interviews. I called my work and took a break of 1 week.

Apparently OP’s plan worked just as intended, because soon his wife had found herself a job.

Today, my wife got a job and she gave me the news at night while we were having dinner.

I then told her the truth about my not quitting the job and about it being a way to make her go back to work.

She got mad at me and told me I was very petty and I should’ve just sucked it up and let her stay at home. Now she’s not talking to me.


This relationship sounds like they both need to be locked in a room with a therapist for 48 hours.

She quits her job without talking to OP, and just expects him to work to provide for the whole family. But instead of talking it out with her, he pretends to quit his job and takes a week off of work?


Reddit was at a loss for words, with many people saying both of them were being immature and needed to communicate with each other better.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And while this user thought both of them were in the wrong, they said it wasn’t crazy for OP’s wife to not want to work while pregnant.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this user countered against people saying he was being deceitful by pointing out that he had been upfront, and his wife had had none of it.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person said their problem wasn’t the quitting of the job or the lying, it was that they were a couple working against each other.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user was firmly on OP’s side, saying he only pretended to do exactly what she did to him.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Let’s hope these two get their act together for the baby’s sake!

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