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Sister-In-Law Didn’t Want To Eat Sushi For A Dinner, But They Refused To Change Plans Because It Was Their Son’s Birthday

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@andrazlazic

I understand that some people don’t like sushi, but this is just weird…

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AITA for insisting on sushi?

“My son, 11 year old, requested Sushi for his birthday dinner so I made reservations at a local sushi place.

There was an issue…

Found out my in-laws were coming into town and they wanted to get together so I invited them along.

My SIL doesn’t like any food that is of any Asian origin, says it gives her migraines and in the past would usually decline going out if we did not accommodate her, and we almost always accommodated her.

I spoke to my son about how his aunt did not like Asian food and asked if he would consider another location.

He really didn’t want to switch, he is obsessed with sushi.

So I called in-laws, explained the situation, and told them they could come to our house for the Super Bowl the next day instead if they wanted.

They said they wanted to see us on both days… I figured it was their decision.

Here it comes…

SIL calls the me the morning we had reservations and asks if we can change the restaurant.

I said I was sorry but I already asked. I sent her the menu and told her they might have other food and to check.

She again complained about the likelihood of getting a migraine.

I told her I was sorry, but that was all my son wanted and she was welcome to come the next day to spend time with us. She chose to come anyway.

She caused a scene.

Long story short she orders a Chinese dish although other items were available, doesn’t like it, almost vomits at the table. Then my mil and bil feel sorry for her, my oldest daughter also felt bad.

All the attention was on sil when they brought out my son’s bday dessert.

The whole scene kinda ruined the moment, but I tried to make the best of it.

At the end of the meal, mil turns to me and says what a shame it is we had to have Asian food and now sil will be sick for weeks (apparently her migraines do not go away when she smells or eats Asian anything), right in front of my son!

Son of course now feels bad…

Night ruined.

AITA for not picking a different restaurant?”

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Well, that was a weird one…

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