April 12, 2024 at 6:33 pm

New Mom Wasn’t Happy With Her Hair Color, But Felt Pressured To Tip The Hairdresser Twice. – ‘Even though this was her fixing her mess.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

Tipping culture is completely out of control and we all know it but what do we do when someone’s being completely unreasonable on tipping?!

Like, yeah there’s a duty to tip servers, bartenders and hairstylists. That’s fair and people work hard BUT what if you’re not happy with the service, what then?

This very awkward scenario has been raised by TikToker @imamillennialmomduh.

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

She got her hair done as a post pregnancy pick-me-up but she DID not get the dreamy hair she wanted.

But she was still pressured into giving that tip.

Not cool.

And isn’t the customer always right?

She went for one visit and said the hair color didn’t take.

When they offered her to come back for free, the color still didn’t look how she wanted.

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

“So she said I could come back at a later date,” the TikToker said.

This mom had already tipped $60 after the first appointment – which is absolutely fair – but then she felt pressured to tip AGAIN after the second appointment!

She tipped another $20 after the hairdresser asked if she was leaving a tip.

What?!! Who asks???

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

She said, “Even though this was her fixing her mess, and I already tipped her the full amount the first time.”

Getting your hair done should be enjoyable enough that you want to tip at the end of the day!

She added: “I’m still mad at myself ’til this day that I did that. Like, I gave her $80.  I understand that she spent her time doing that, but don’t put people on the spot and expect them to tip on your mistake.”

Watch the full clip here:


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Some people thought her hormones were to blame.

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

Many commenters totally agree with her!

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

A lot of people don’t like tipping at all!

Source: TikTok/@imamillennialmomduh

We know that tipping is necessary for some, as they count on it for part of their income.

That said, it should definitely be service-dependent.

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