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Her New Boss Told Her To Make A Disastrous Change Or She’d Be Fired. She Made It And He Cost The Company $200,000.

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s almost nothing more frustrating than knowing exactly how to do your job, and being confident it’s the best way possible, only to be told someone else knows better.

I mean, my blood is boiling just thinking about it.

Let’s take a look at a story about just such a boss… and yet another massive blunder they made.

Boss did not like the look of the “bulk Mailing” stamp, told me to remove it. Cost the company over $220K.

This woman worked in catalog mailing/advertising back in the days before the internet or computers.

Back in the 1980’s I worked for a sporting goods company as a catalog designer. Small company, privately owned.

I was the entire advertising department.

I created four catalogs a year – these were responsible for most of our mail-order sales (pre-internet) to the tune of around $700K a year.

She had a system, it worked, everyone was happy.

We sent the catalogs via bulk mail using a mailing service – this let us send them for a much discounted rate.

To do this required the use of a bulk mail permit, and placing the permit info on the mailing area of the catalog. Technically it’s called a “fiche.”

Until she got a new boss who wanted to do things his way.

Enter a new boss, call him Ron.

I was #1 – the only one – in my department. For some reason the company owner hired Ron as a favor to a friend.

From day one he was micromanaging, questioning everything, and screwing up my very tight schedule.

This was BEFORE computers were common. EVERYTHING was by hand. Literally typing out copy and reducing it on a photocopier to fit.

Developing the photo film myself, making prints, etc. The actual printer had to add screens to the photos so they’d print, burn metal plates, and so on.

All time consuming and expensive. Deadlines could not be missed.

So I was stuck with several 16 hour days come crunch-time.

The final straw was him threatening to fire her if she didn’t make the changes he wanted.

I was complaining to the owner, but he really couldn’t care less.

I really wanted to stick it to Ron and the opportunity presented itself.

Constant threats of “my way or you’re fired” were getting to me. The latest pre-summer catalog was done (summer was our BIG season.)

I had to give him my mock-up (photocopied sheets stapled together) of the final catalog for his approval – a new step added after he demanded it.

He looked at it and sent it back with several pointless revisions. And a note to remove that “ugly permit box” because it was not needed.

Where he worked previously stuffed their mailers in envelopes – the envelopes had the fiche, but their mailer did this last step.

She was smart enough to get it in writing.

I simply asked him to initial the changes as this was the final approved version and was going to the printer the next day.

There was no time to check it again. So he did.

I knew it would be a total mess and it’s something I would NEVER would have done in the past.

Which saved her when her boss needed to roll some heads.

50,000 catalogs printed and shipped directly to the mailer.

The day they arrive at the mailer the boss gets a call from the sales rep. “We can’t mail your catalogs.”

Boss storms into my area of the building and is literally screaming.

Ron is now pissed and yelling at me, joined by the boss. I swear – spittle and froth, vein bulging screaming.

Minimum two week delay, wasted money, lost sales.

I explain what happened, the threat to fire me, and showed the owner the changes to the final copy.

Initialed by Ron.

For very good reason.

He was going to give Ron a 2nd chance until the bill came in from the printer. They had to stamp 50,000 catalogs by hand.

We had to rent their permit, since that’s what was on their stamp.

Rental and labor was almost $8,000. Adjusted for inflation that’s $20,000.

Plus our early summer sales boost was off by almost $50K from previous years.

Or $200K adjusted for inflation.

Ron WAS fired. I was left alone after that.

Reddit is going to love her for those receipts!

That’s why they get paid the big bucks.

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This feels very disrespectful.

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This person wants all the tea.

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That would have been a delight.

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It really doesn’t make any sense.

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Always get it in writing.

Seriously, tattoo that on your brain.

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