April 11, 2024 at 5:24 pm

Their Boss Never Paid His Employees On Time, So They Decided To Ghost Him For A Big Presentation And Make Him Look Foolish

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Creepy-Fig7894

Don’t ghost me, bro!

Or else you’re gonna be in for a world of hurt

And that’s exactly what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Petty Revenge” page!

Let’s take a look at what the heck is going on here…

So you ghost me on pay day? I’m gonna ghost you on presentation day.

“So I just resigned from my job (small company) cause my manager would not pay me on time, he would avoid me on payday and I would have to seek him out and ask why he hasn’t paid me yet.

Payday was an issue…

I work remotely so we don’t see each other often.

Granted he wasn’t always this bad, but he always paid me later than he was supposed to.

This year however it got worse as the company started doing badly.

I’m an understanding person but what irritated me more than anything was how I’d have to ask him why I’m not paid instead of him informing me that things are bad and will salary will be delayed.

This guy was gonna made to look like a fool.

So I started planning my exit plan.

We also had a big project that we were working on and was supposed to be presented for the clients.

Come presentation day I don’t show up. He texts and calls and I ignore him.

Then later that day I emailed him my resignation.

I thought I should make him feel what he’s made me feel for months.”

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Sounds like that guy got what was coming to him!

Nice work!

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