April 21, 2024 at 4:27 pm

Their Co-worker Tried To Act Like A Big Shot At The Airport, So They Told Him The Wrong Gate So He’d Miss the Flight

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@marcolopez95

FACT: some pompous people just need to be put in their place from time to time…

And this story will put a big smile on your face if you’ve ever had to deal with someone who acted like a complete and total CREEP.

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Coworker gloated about having access to the airport lounge when we didn’t. I told him the wrong gate.

“We work for a national agricultural supply company but I am in a central role while he flies frequently and therefore has lounge access with the airline.

This guy sounds like a lot of fun…

We were flying from one city back to our own. He was bragging about it the whole day and when we got to the airport, he wished “us peasants” a nice time in the airport food court “slumming it with the mouth breathers” and so on.

He’d bruise his own tonsils if he could. That kid of bloke. Anyway, our flight nears and he texts through asking what the gate is. The rest of us are walking down the skybridge onto the plane at this point.

Time to put him in his place.

Now, this airport isn’t exactly small. It’s actually massive. We were getting on at Gate 4. I told him we were at Gate 44.

We’re laughing on the plane, imagining this bloke having to run through the terminal to catch it.

Next minute, the doors on the plane lock and we’re getting pushed back. That’s when I thought I was screwed. He’d complain and the boss would throw the book at me.

Sorry, buddy!

He texts “hey where are you guys?” and I told him we’re taxiing down the runway and that we tried holding the plane for him and the bloke just explodes. I put my phone on airplane mode and breathe out.

When we land, he’s blown up my phone and I’ve got a missed call from my boss.

I call my boss back and say I accidentally pushed 4 twice and he just laughed and reckons he would’ve paid big money to see old mate’s meltdown.

Anyway, it ruined his day.

He had to pay for his own ticket home and now I think my life is in danger. LOL.”

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One Reddit user made a good point.

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Yeah, something seems fishy about this story.

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