April 21, 2024 at 7:32 pm

Their Neighbor Tried To Get Them In Trouble With The City For No Reason. They Responded By Complaining About Their Motor Home Violating Parking Laws.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Have you ever had to deal with someone who went out of their way to be a jerk for absolutely no reason?

I’m sure you have!

And the person you’re about to hear from handled a person like that perfectly.

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Neighbor’s Complaint to the City Backfires.

“We have a next door neighbor who does not like us, for no apparent reason. This is a vacation home for them and we have never said a single word to or interacted with them ever.

They seem to think we live in an HOA, which we don’t, and call the city code enforcement on us over their perceived shortcoming in our lifestyle.

We let our yard pretty much grow wild whereas theirs is meticulously landscaped and professionally tended.

What is with these people?

We have six foot walls between houses so they can’t see much of anything in our yard without trying. Such as climbing a ladder to take pictures to send the city to lodge a complaint.

The city investigates, finds nothing wrong and closes the complaint.

The last complaint happened a few months ago when we were doing some legally permitted construction. The neighbor calls the city, they come out and find no issues.

Apparently he was upset with this outcome and he made more complaints, of which only one was “valid”.

He complained about our vehicle parked on the street not having a current registration sticker. Parking enforcement came out and put a sticker telling me to fix the problem or move it within 3 days.

Apparently, my current license plate sticker had been scraped off.

Hmmm, that’s interesting…

While out front, I noticed my neighbors new motorhome parked in front of his house. It’s illegal in the city to park a motorhome on the street.

Normally, I couldn’t care less about it, but this seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I asked the parking guy, what about that thing?

He said there was no complaint about it, so I said, I am complaining.

I watched as he took pictures and wrote out the parking ticket/tow order.

I then watched as, about an hour later, the tow truck eagerly hook it up and whisk it away to their impound lot.”

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