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Their Partner Was Ripping Them Off And Not Paying Their Mortgage, So They Decided To Get Revenge By Ruining Her Finances

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Are you ready to go on a roller coaster ride of a story?!?!

This one has it all!

Intrigue, cheating, backstabbing, you name it!

And ultimately, it has a happy ending, which is all anyone can ask for, right?

Dive in now and see what you think!

She’s Bankrupt, I’m Debt Free.

“About six years ago, my former partner of six years and I broke up, and I started to realise all of the things I had normalised were actually abuse.

This was really bad.

Instances of gas lighting were all too prevalent (even one instance where she gaslit me about what gaslighting even was), financial (she could spend what she wanted, I had to ask permission), even limiting time that I spent with my family and my best mate. There was more, but that’s enough of that.

After we broke up, I realised that money I had continued to place into our joint account wasn’t going to the mortgage as promised, but was going to shopping, paying for her new partner (who, it turned out, was on the scene months before we split…and wasn’t the first!) and payments to her lawyer.

When I found this out, I called the finance company handling our mortgage and told them I would no longer be making payments.

I told them they could seize the house if they wanted, but my half of the payments would cease immediately until I had recouped the money stolen, roughly five months worth of payments.

Oh, really?!?!

They said I couldn’t do that. I told them to watch me.

Soon after that, when the debt letters and dishonours started, the texts, phone calls, and voice mails from her started….I ignored every one of them.

Two months in, I heard her car broke down badly because she couldn’t afford to maintain it.

Not long after that, she filed for bankruptcy.

A month later, she moved out and I got my house back. I cleaned it up, changed the locks, got my mortgage back in front….and recently my wife and I sold it for a tidy little profit.

She got nothing. Not a dollar, not a dime.

She has no usable credit rating, and my wife and I are debt free with a deposit on our new home.

Feels good.”

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Sounds like he’s in a much better place.

Good for him!

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