April 11, 2024 at 8:44 pm

They Found Out Their Homeless Dad Was Using Them to Get Money From a Family Member. They Went Behind His Back and Took All the Money For Themselves

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@clayleconey

This is a tough story…

The person who wrote it has been through a lot in their life because of family issues, but in the end, they came out on top!

Check out what they did when their good-for-nothing dad showed back up in their life out of the blue…

My homeless dad used me in his money scheme, so I took it all.

“The homeless guy is technically my dad. My dad was only in my life actively from ages 0-7 and in that time gave me a ton of trauma.

He was a hardcore alcoholic manipulator and a lot of other things I can’t say.

This was a bad situation.

My mom being the bad *** she is left him and for a short bit we did weekends at his place. It was a never ending cycle of him drinking being a piece of **** and then buying us over with animals and gifts.

After getting several DUIs, unpaid child support and a few child endangerment cases he up and left to avoid going to jail. Like disappeared, left the animals locked in the house that he abandoned and shut off his phone.

Every few months or so he would randomly show up at my school intoxicated and crying with gifts in hand or leave notes on our door. My school literally had to implement a safety plan because my mom was scared he would take me. That stopped and didn’t hear from him for about 13 years.

Then he popped back up.

When I was 20 he messaged me on Facebook saying he would love to get to know me and asking if there’s anything I need financially. My initial response (sick to my stomach and crying) quickly turned to anger. I was broke and really could use the money and I mean he owed me right?

I told him I would meet and needed money for rent. When I saw him my stomach turned.

He looked like the crazy guy you see on the side of the road begging for money. He really didn’t make much sense just talked a lot of **** about my mom saying she was a liar and turned us against him and mumbling nonsense.

Apparently his brother (my uncle that I have never had a relationship with) would no longer give him money but would wire transfer him money for me. He told his brother I needed 1,500 and told me he would take 500 and give me 1000.

His burner phone ran out of minutes so one of the calls to his brother was made from my phone.

Of course he didn’t have an ID or anything so I would need to pick it up with him. When someone wires you money they get a code then give you the code and voila, you get the money!

My dad wouldn’t give me the code until we were physically at the place to pick it up, which we planned to do the following morning.

Revenge time!

The next morning I decided to text my uncle since I now had his number and ask him directly for the code.

I got the code, picked up the money and blocked my jerk dad.

He made sure to leave me some deranged voicemails about how big of a piece of **** I AM!

He pretty much used me to get money from his brother. If he really wanted to be in my life he would have taken the proper steps to do so and change but he never did.

Not denying what I did wasn’t bad, but also, **** my dad.”

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What a scammer!

Good riddance to him!

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