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Assistant Accidentally Informed Her Boss’s Wife Of His Affair, And Then Helped Her Find Out Who The Other Woman Was

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

There is nobody quite as low as a cheater, but if we’re very lucky, sometimes they get what they deserve!

Those are the times that the universe aligns and bad deeds come to life, giving a truly slimy man exactly what he deserves.

And that’s exactly what happened when employee @treycmodel posted the roses her boss got for “his wife” on her story, only for the wife to reveal they weren’t sent to her!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

She starts her video by explaining an errand she had to run last Valentine’s Day for her boss, which was picking up a huge order of 3 bouquets of roses he said was for his wife.

Impressed with his display of affection, she posted the flowers on her story.

But there was one little problem.

“His wife ended up seeing it and dming me and saying “Hey, I didn’t get those roses.”

And so Tracy and her boss’ wife were left to figure who the roses DID get sent to.

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

Tracy had no idea who the flowers were actually for because all she had done was drop the flowers off at her boss’ office.

“So the next business day I go into work and I was like ‘Hey, how did your wife like those flowers? And he was like “Oh she LOVED them!”

Tracy obviously knew now that some funny business was going on, and although she wanted to help the wife, she also wanted to keep her job!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

But when Tracy told the wife about her boss’ reaction, instead of the gratitude she was hoping for, the wife left her on read for the rest of the day.

But when she finally texted back, it wasn’t what Tracy expected.

“She texts me back. I have an update, we went to his Mom’s house, and SHE has one bouquet.”

“She said she didn’t get any of the bouquets, so where did the other bouquets go? He doesn’t have any kids, or any sisters.”

So where did the roses go? Well apparently the wife really wanted to know, because she was going to pay Tracy to investigate!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

The wife told Tracy that she had suspected her husband’s infidelity for a long time, but had yet to actually catch him.

“But this woman was so smart. She’s like this is what we’re going to do. I want you to check the Amazon business account, because he never lets me check it.”

And as it turns out, the wife was right on the money!

“I found a flower order to a name and address that had never been an employee.”

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

But when Tracy revealed who the flowers had been sent to, the wife recognized the name and was absolutely furious!

“It struck a chord. Apparently this woman was a mutual friend of theirs. They were friends with this couple going through a divorce, and had been confiding in my boss and his wife.”

And while Tracy tried to defend her boss, saying he could have just been being nice, but the wife was having none of it, telling Tracy:

“My woman intuition went off about that woman right when they started the divorce. She paid way too much attention to my husband.”

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

But as far as the wife knew, her boss had stopped speaking to the woman months ago. Or so he claimed!

“She had asked me to read his text messages before because I was on his iCloud, but that was just way too much for me!”

Tracy did suggest she look at the phone records using the wife’s old phone number.

“Our next plan of action was she was going to get in touch with the woman’s husband and ask how everything was going….”

So it sounds like the boss’ wife might be looking for a little revenge!

Check out her multi-part story for yourself!

Part One


♬ original sound – Tracy

Part Two


Replying to @Evie’s Grove Boss has me pick up flowers that atent for his wife part 2 #valentinesday #redroses #tea

♬ original sound – Tracy

Part Three


Part 3 Roses that weren’t for my bosses wife #redroses #valentinesday #galentinesday

♬ original sound – Tracy

Part Four


Replying to @Gabrielle Moses part 4 of the flowers that my bosses wife didnt recieve. Telenovella style. Guesses? Posting these videos help me never have to go back to corporate 😭🫠 #tea #redroses #chisme

♬ original sound – Tracy

Part Five


Part 5 of snooping for ex bosse’s wife. #tea #chisme #storytime #flowers

♬ original sound – Tracy

TikTok was absolutely LIVING for the drama, and was surprised he got caught in 4K HD!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

Others thought that he went through his assistant so the flowers wouldn’t show up on his credit card!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

And this user admitted that they would definitely also risk their job to uncover the tea!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

And finally, this user was reminded of their own ross mix-up!

Source: TikTok/@treycmodel

Some people live for the tea.

I am some people.

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