April 22, 2024 at 2:36 pm

‘Basically be paying to stay in a $120 a night hotel every single night.’ – Boston Resident’s Rent Has Increased $800 Over The Past Two Years

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

As a proud resident of Boston, let me just say that Boston’s rent is utterly ridiculous.

Many people are shocked when I tell them that Boston’s rent by the square foot is on par, if not more, than cities like New York and San Francisco.

I mean, good luck finding a one bedroom for under $2000 in this city.

Resident @kaitmurray_ learned that the hard way when her rent increased by almost $800 in a few years, leaving her paying $3400 for a studio apartment!

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

Kaitlyn’s video starts with the news she has received a notice that every renter has nightmares about: a rent increase.

“You know when you’re just down really bad, and then someone comes along and they’re like (kicks hard)? That’s what my leasing office did today. They chose violence.”

Kaitlyn clarifies that she lives in the Seaport district of Boston, which is one of the nicer places to live or work in all of Boston.

“I live in Seaport. I understand that. I live in a high rise, I know it’s a luxury building. But it doesn’t justify what they’re asking for!”

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

“I moved in in 2021, rent was 2600 dollars. Still asinine. Ridiculous to pay that much money for this tiny little studio apartment.”

Even the next year, when her rent increased to $2900, she had met a group of friends who all lived in the same building as her, and was willing to take a second job as a dog sitter to pay for it.

“Next year rolls around, $3100 dollars. I feel like a massive moron if I pay this, but my friends are here, I’m gonna keep doing it.”

She admits this was a “really, really stupid decision.”

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

Which brings us to this year, when Kaitlyn’s building wanted her to pay $3,444 for her 350 square foot apartment!

That’s a 30 percent increase.

“I did a quick little girl math on this one, and that means that I would basically be paying to stay in a $120 a night hotel every single night for the next year.”

And while she said she loved Boston she just didn’t know if it was worth the ridiculous rent they were charging.

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

She was definitely considering her options in other cities.

“Do I move to New York and try to get a job with a big brand? Do I move to Chicago or Charleston or Austin: much more affordable cities where I can take a stab at owning my own business?”

But despite her gripes, she said Boston still had her heart.

“I’ve never been more in love with a city in my life. The summers make me never want to leave!”

Check out her video for yourself!


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TikTok felt her pain, but this user said her problem sounded like the beginning of a cheesy holiday movie!

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

Many still needed to pick their jaws up off the floor from the fact that a studio apartment was $3400!

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

Many suggested she find somewhere else to live than Seaport, and that other neighborhoods were cheaper and had more character.

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

This user thought the problem wasn’t living in Boston, but living in a city in general!

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

And finally, even this realtor thought the price was outrageous!

Source: TikTok/@kaitmurray_

And although this video isn’t a glowing endorsement of Boston, everyone should really come visit!

That way you only have to pay hotel prices.

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