April 13, 2024 at 10:34 pm

Employee Claims He Was Let Go Before The End Of His Probationary Period So They Didn’t Have To Pay Him A Bonus

by Laura Lynott

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

These days it seems you could literally work yourself to the bone and still not get the treatment you deserve at work.

You do the three round of interviews, the free trial (which you should never do by the way), and you say ‘yes’ to pretty much everything – but still somehow you might not make it through that probation period!

And why?

Well, according to this disgruntled employee, some companies just want to save cash on actually hiring long term.

Does that mean some firms are just putting workers on a temporary loop?

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

@averagejoejason claims he was fired after being given a “warning corrective action” form to enable the company not to give him a bonus!

“Gotta love corporate! #work #layoffs.”

“I don’t care how irreplaceable you think you are at work, they can and will let you go for any reason at all.”

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

In his past performance reviews, he said he got results that showed he exceeded expectations.

But this time he said it all changed and the company “decided to hit me with a final warning Corrective Action Form for performance.”

He said this was “convenient,” as it was “right before they pay off my bonus for the past year of working there.”

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

He said he’d “go through this form of lies” which included a technical assessment and “concerns with my skills.”

He was fired only six days after getting the form.

“There was no way I was ever gonna ‘improve’ to their standards.”

Let’s hope this guy gets a resolution to this and finds a job that values him.

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Gotta love corporate! #work #layoffs

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Some folk think he should take it to the law.

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

More people saying take the legal route.

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

This person says they were successful at going legal, but we don’t know any of the circumstances.

Source; TikTok/@averagejoejason

You hate to hear about this happening as a practice.

Hopefully it’s not too widespread.

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