April 14, 2024 at 6:33 am

Popular Mom-fluencer Share A Tip Why She Doesn’t Play With Her Kids. – ‘The reason that I have children who are four and six that let me sleep…’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

It’s tough work being a parent, and from the moment your kids are born until they grow, you ain’t getting enough rest.

Most of us kiss goodbye to our days of rest and weekend lie-ins, but what if we just carried on the way we were and refused to get up early?

Well, I’m pretty sure most parents would have their kids dancing on their beds to get them up in the morning, but this mom has a different story!

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

Mom and influencer @domesticblisters said she’s created a “culture” in her home where she and her partner don’t play with toys and pretend with their kids.

Because of this, she reckons she gets to lie-in, read books and eat Indian food in bed!

“I can already hear the hate comments on this video but I’m gonna give you this precious parenting information anyway. The reason that I have children who are four and six that let me sleep in on a Saturday (is) because they’ll just go play.”

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

“The reason I can go and read a book while they play is that they’re able to play independently….”

Apparently it’s as simple as training her kids from a young age to respect her ‘no.’

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

But, not playing with your kids so you can have a lie-in, read or eat delivery?

I think she’s right that many parents won’t agree.

Watch the full clip here:


Replying to @Vanessa Kay caveat: your own kids ages, unique abilities, siblings, developmental pace and personalities along with your home layout and environmental constraints will obviously come in to play when it comes to their ability to play independently. There are other factors at play but this is the factor that made the difference for us #strugglecare#mentalhealth#ADHD#autism#independantplay#parentingtiktok

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Folk just don’t agree it’s good for the kids.

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

This is sad for one woman but not the other two who commented.

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

Some people disagree, some understand.

Source: TikTok/@domesticblisters

The debate rages on.

As always, families will do what works for them.

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